Cars you need to consider buying second hand

The low budget life calls when you’re a student, and that Lamborghini you’re going to have to put off for at least another 6 years. In the meantime you’re still going to need wheels to get around, and this doesn’t include a bike. On the contrary, a bike is more economical, but not really worthwhile. You still want to be able to road trip with your mates after all.

What you need is a used car for sale. A very good sale, that won’t make a whole in your pocket or leave you with regret for buying a useless car. There are many second hand cars out there, but not all of them are in a good working condition. You need a second hand car that’s still in a very good condition. If you come across a sign that says used BMW cars for sale, then go for it. BMW’s are strong model cars, that won’t leave you destitute on the side of the road.

Best second hand cars

There are a couple of cars that offer the most longevity, which should include the basics, i.e. the comforts as well as the safety features.

  • Toyota
  • VW
  • Ford

These cars are known for their reliability, safety and durability. To some, cars are all the same, but once you see the different potential each one has, it suddenly changes the game. You will then opt for a car with a good performance record, yet still comfortable in every aspect.

But before you buy

Before you go ahead and just buy from anyone, you need to do a bit of homework on the car you’re going to purchase. Check price guides and compare similar cars in the classifieds, this way you know as much as you possibly can to avoid being overcharged.

When checking out the car

Avoid going to view the car at night, in poor lighting or in the rain. Reducing your visibility could impact your judgement and might end up costing you more than what you bargained for. You won’t be able to check the condition of the vehicle properly if it’s wet. The water will hide scratches, dents and any other problems you may not be able to see. Ensure that you can see the vehicle clearly and from all angles.

 Service history

Most cars require some work during the year so the owners of a car of a few years old should have records of regular servicing. If the owner of the vehicle does not have the service history records, then ask why. Check if there might be a persistent fault that still may not have been fixed or if the service history tells a consistent story. At the end of the day it’s your money and your car. Don’t buy another man’s problems.

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