How to Bag a Date: Part 2

  1. Guard your best kept secret with your life… Who you are eyeing to be your date to the dance. Like I said before, desperate times call for desperate measures, and I have a few friends who wouldn’t bat an eyelid while stealing my possible date, in these times of desperation. Be careful who you tell about your desired date-and when you get that date, I’d advise you to make sure word spreads that this special person is your date and give everyone the message to LAY OFF!
  2. Judge a person’s trustworthiness before you divulge personal information to them, because there’ll be hell to pay if you don’t. There are a number of bad things that can happen, all of which happened in the lead-up to the Debs’ Ball: the person could tell everybody in the grade who you want to take, and if you decide to not take that date, then you’ll look like the bad person. The person could develop designs on your desired date, steal your date and make you a laughing stock.
  3. Ask your mom for advice. Even if you’re a guy, I promise your mother will never fail you. She is full of good tips and advice, and only wants what is best for you. She is more mature than you are and a better judge of character, so she will have a good idea of who is actually worth your time. She has also experienced this before.
  4. Don’t nag at your date. If they said they’ll go with you, trust that they will. If you ask them if they’ve changed their mind everytime you see them, this will make them change their mind!
  5. I know it’s challenging, but even in trying times, try not to look desperate. Never let anyone know that they are your only option(even if they are). Rather imply that you enjoy being with them and that is why you have asked them. On the contrary, remember that you shouldn’t go out of your way to make it seem like you have bus loads of people waiting to be your date, as the person you ask might think “I don’t want to go with her, and she has so many other options, so I don’t have to go with her,” which isn’t exactly ideal.

Be careful how you act. You have to show people that you are comfortable and secure in who you are. Being arrogant, obnoxious and acting like you are too great won’t help. Neither will putting yourself down constantly. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be confident, smile(which I’m planning to do more once I get my braces taken off), have fun and be happy. Enjoy life, and regardless of the circumstances, never forfeit your values and always be true to yourself. Never change yourself for others, and never create a false perception of what you really are in order to score a date. Just be yourself, and you will automatically attract the right sort of people that you are comfortable with.

By: Relashini Munsamy

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