Why living in the big city is actually the worst

So, you’ve moved out of the suburbs and into the city to study. Or, you’re about to finish life in a student town and move to the big city. Either way, there is something you should know before you pack your bags and head towards the big city lights: the city sucks.

People glorify the caffeinated buzz of the CBD way too often. TV shows keep telling you how awesome it is to live in a place where the lights never go out. But the truth is the city can be the absolute worst at times. Of course, living in the city has its perks. But almost anyone who’s live in the city for a prolonged period of time has at least once considered applying for agricultural finance and moving to the countryside. And here’s why:

People, people everywhere – Whether you’re just trying to grab a cup of coffee on your way to class or you need to pick up some milk and eggs from the supermarket, there will always be people. And many of them. The city is like a clown car in that it can fit in way more people than you ever thought possible. Like, where do these people even live? No matter where you go in the city there will be people and you can’t escape them unless you cross the border to the suburbs.

Traffic for days – You just want to drive down a few roads to meet your friends for a drink? Good luck. You’ll be spending at least twenty minutes in noisy traffic with a whole bunch of other pissed off drivers just trying to get to the other side of town. You could walk, there is always that option. But not if you’re going out at night. And sometimes that bar is just a little too far away to walk, but too close to be worth the extra hour you spend in traffic.

There is no such thing as silence – It’s always too damn loud. No matter what time of day or night, there will be noise. You may think you don’t mind all that noise. Hell, you may even like it. But silence is actually needed for good mental health and well-being. After a while you may not even notice the constant bombardment of hooting cars, drunken singing, and bustling worker bees. But it’s there. It’s always there.

Too many damn options – Want to go for a drink? Want to grab dinner? Want a night out clubbing? Enjoy making the decision of where to go. The big city is filled to the brim with possibilities… and they’re all bloody crowded with people. There’s also the chance that you’ll end up with massive FOMO because the place you chose may not be as awesome as the place you almost chose.

Everything is expensive – Then again, you may not have to choose between all the coolest bars and eateries. Why? Because you can’t afford them. Everything in the big city is ridiculously expensive and your budget will be spread thin by just trying to eat dinner every night.

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