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What to look for in student housing

You’ve just been accepted to the university of your dreams. The only thing that’s left now is deciding where to live. There are a few options you can choose from, depending on the type of person you are.

These are the kinds of places available to you and what they offer.

Campus Residence

Easy Access

If you live on campus you’ll be able to access all the faculties easily. When you need to spend hours studying in the library, you don’t have to worry about rushing off because it’s late. Most campuses have 24-hour libraries in which you can pull an all-nighter. And if you use public transport and live off campus, you always have to be mindful of the time.You don’t have to worry about being late for classes because you are stuck in traffic.


University is very different to school. You’re surrounded by thousands of students and that makes it difficult to make friends. If you stay in res, it will be easier to make friends. First years usually have to share a room with another student. This is a gateway to forming a friendship with your roommate. And there are other students living in the res which will make it easier to meet new people and make lifelong relationships.


There is security that patrols the campus 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about being safe around campus. There are also security measures you have to go through in order to get into res. Everything is monitored so that students are protected at all times.

Revamp your room

You get the freedom to decorate and be creative in your room. You can add bookshelves, beautiful bedding sets, lamps and removable wallpaper sheets.

The disadvantage of living in res, is that you get no privacy. You will have a roommate that you need to share your space with. You will hear them when they take phone calls, sing loudly or watch movies on their laptop. You will virtually get no time to be alone. If you enjoy solitude, you might find it hard to adjust to living in res. There is constant movement in res. Distractions that are everywhere and people come in and out of your room.

Stay at home

No rent

The most important reason most students probably stay at home while studying at university is that tuition fees are expensive and you still have to pay for accommodation and books. Staying at home is the cheaper alternative. You don’t have to stress about paying rent every month.

When you stay at home you also don’t have a lot of expense for groceries. Instead, the money can be used to pay for petrol.


Sharing with a stranger can be difficult because that person might be hard to get along with, which can make life very difficult for you. If you stay at home you don’t have to share with anyone.


You have the benefit of also enjoying the peace and quiet of your room. There is no hustle and bustle that goes on in the hallways of a res. And you will not have friends coming in and out as they please.

Support structure

You have a support system when you live at home that you might not get at university. Your parents have your best interest at heart and they want to see you do well.

The disadvantage of staying at home is that you don’t learn responsibility and to the ability to stand on your own two feet.



If you have your own bedroom and you aren’t sharing, you get privacy. You can study peacefully with no distractions surrounding you.


One of the main benefits of staying in a commune while you are studying is the independence you have when you live on your own. Your parents won’t be there to run after you. Y’re solely on your own. Of course, you will be living with others, but they have their own lives and aren’t concerned with yours.


You will get the freedom to do what you like. Your parents will not be around. But with freedom comes responsibility. Excessive partying and not enough studying can lead to exclusion from the university you’re studying at.

There are a number of things you need to look out for when you live in a commune.

Keep your side of the room neat and tidy when you’re sharing with someone. Be considerate of the person sharing the space with you.

In the kitchen you should always wash your dishes and pots, keeping it clean for everyone else.

When you bring friends over, be considerate of your housemates. Instead of filling up the kitchen or lounge with your friends, rather choose to go out in the garden or stay in your room.

Make sure you keep the volume down. Other students in the house need to study or just relax. You need to think of them as well  because they’re also paying for a room in the house. If you need to listen to music loudly, put on your earphones so that others aren’t disturbed by the noise.

You need to make the decision for where you want to live based on your personality type. If you prefer solitude, maybe the best option is to stay at home. But if you want to enjoy a little independence, res or commune living could be for you.

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