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Tips to clean your property

Whether you love to clean or not, cleaning your property is necessary for all of us. Especially in this pandemic where millions are suffering every day, you would want to ensure the utmost safety of you and your loved ones. And if you are looking for tips to clean your property and start off with cleaning and disinfection, you are in the right place! 

Scrubright is here to assist you with all your residential cleaning, no matter the calibre and extent of your works! In this blog, we are giving some tips to clean your property like a pro! 

1. Collect all your essential cleaning tools. 

Completing any work needs proper preparation. During cleaning, you will require a few property cleaning essentials such as broom, dustpan, scrubbing brush, bucket, microfiber cleaning cloths, cleaning detergent, etc. These are the least needed tools to clean property. But there are more tools such as, Vacuum cleaner, Window blind duster, drill brush cleaning attachment kit, micro fiver mop, sterilizing wipes, platinum action detergent, or other disinfecting detergents, etc. that can help you in cleaning home fast and effortlessly. Collect them in a box before you start your cleaning. Getting everything, you need in one portable place makes it easier to get your job done!

2Gathering wastes and recycling

So, now you must collect all unused things and rubbish from every room before you start cleaning. Old stuff such as newspapers, magazines, unused trainers, or clothes, etc., consider whether you should donate or put it away. But except those like refuses and other stuff needs to be recycled. It reduces the amount of waste from your property and landfills too. So, then you can do your job comfortably with enough space.

3Disinfect surface areas, and kitchen

Disinfection is a great necessity, especially in times like this when a new virus is all around us! Disinfecting the surface and kitchen area must be done before you go for vacuuming. The kitchen must get disinfected. You can take disinfecting detergent, sterilizing wipes, and micro fiver mop to clean the kitchen. Moreover, kitchen dishes and glasses also need to get sterilized so that you might need scrubbers. And again, go through the house and wipe down hard surfaces like appliances, light switches, cabinets, showpieces, shelves, drawers, etc. You must be extra cautious while disinfecting the kitchen and other stuff.

4Dust and property stuff and vacuum

When you are cleaning the property, make sure you are cleaning the whole house and dusting the room before using the vacuum. Because the dust needs to get off from used things. Change the bed and couch sheets if needed. You should focus on dusting furniture, photo frames, shelves, and other stuff of room. You can use a damp cloth or duster to clean. And then you can go vacuuming. Make sure you clean every corner of the room so that it cleans perfectly. If you are vacuuming a carpet, make sure you do it slowly, and carpets do not require to be vacuumed every day. You can go for washing carpets or rugs if they are not washed in a while.

5. Wipe window and mirror

You must careful while you wipe windows and mirror glasses. However, these do not need to get wiped every day because it takes a while to get filthy. There are few tips on how you can clean windows and mirrors easily. You can make homemade glass cleaner along with 1cup of water, 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, and one tablespoon of white vinegar.However, you can use glass cleaner instead, but it also makes a quick evaporating spray cleaner, which can be considered the same as commercial cleaning sprays. You must take any micro fiver clean cloth or can get a sponge to get rid of dirt from glasses. It gets easy when you clean glasses and windows in an effective way. 

6.Sweep before mopping

Next, sweeping must be done before mopping to remove extra dirt from the floor. You can do your work comfortably if you sweep off the dirt. Straight knit fibber broom will work better for cleaning the floor, or you can use a regular broom. It must be done slowly so that you collect all dirt from the floor, and it does not block while mopping. Then you can go for mopping. You will need a mop, bucket, and mopping disinfect detergent or phenyl so that the floor gets cleaned properly. Rinse the mop after mopping at least once. And if the room is bigger and has more dirt, you will need to rinse again. Begin mopping from the farthest corner of your room and move backwards. This way, your job will be done effortlessly. 

7. Cleaning bathrooms and other appliances

Now, one of the most effective tips to clean your property is prioritizing your all-over hygiene. Bathroom and other appliances such as sinks, toilet, bathtub, soap dispenser need to be cleaned with bacteria-killing detergent. You will also need a sponge, toilet cleaner, mop, rubber gloves, toilet brush, and microfiber cloth. After washing the toilet, tub, and others, finish your work by mopping the floor with bacteria-killing detergent.

Hopefully, our tips to clean your property was helpful to you. For more similar blogs, head to our page at Scrubright!

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