10 Party Safety Tips

We know varsity is mainly about your studies, but let us not kid ourselves its about experiences as well. Now guess, what is the one thing varsity students do more than studying? Obviously, it’s going out if you got that wrong, well that’s okay if you’re 50.

Going out is not for the faint hearted its like war. You have to be prepared and well equipt with knowledge. That’s right I said it now here your armor party soldiers

First, get a fire outfit.

  • One that is so fire it slays them all dead from being speechless.

Or, I don’t know, something you feel confident in works too.

Make sure to eat before drinking.

  • Never drink on an empty stomach that is the quickest way to get hammered, you will also make an unfortunate fast acquaintance with blackouts and they are not your friend.

Always do pre-drinks if you’re going out to a club.

  • It is no fun rocking up to a place and having to play catch up, pre-drinks are optional though.

Playing catch up is a trap! Don’t do it! You are less aware of how drunk you’re getting and how quickly.

Go out in groups.

  • especially if you’re new to the place, there is safety in numbers.

Keep tabs on the people you came with as to not leave anyone behind.

Limiting your drinks prior to the outing is also a trap!

  • But always keep track of how much you are drinking.

We have all heard the just two drinks story, if you haven’t, take it from me it doesn’t end well.

So rather limit the amount of cash you bring for drinks and plan how long you’re going out for, it helps decide how much you’ll be drinking.

Always have enough cash to go home.

  • Drunk people are completely without reason so they could just leave you there, stranded, alone, friends or not they could still just leave you there.

Let that sink in.

Have a power bank or phone charged.

  • That will come in handy when its time to go home, it makes it easier to order a ride.

You would think we know this by now, considering it is like the golden rule when it comes to drinking out, but as a little reminder.


  • Even you guys, statutory rape is not a myth and you don’t want one night you can’t remember for the life of you to ruin your life.

Stay woke it is 2019 now, avoid sharing or setting down your drink. Also, I’m ready to accept my Nobel peace prize now I just basically saved lives.

Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and drink plenty of water.

  • To avoid getting stupid drunk and making decisions just as drunk as you are.

To anyone who needs to be told this or reminded, I’m worried about your life and judging your life decisions, but here goes.

  • If you’re pregnant, might be, planning to be or all of the above. DONT DRINK! Go out but don’t drink just don’t do it.

Now you are ready to party like you have been bubble wrapped, safely, that’s right you are ready to party safely if you listened.

Written By

Palesa Mosala

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