Bad habits

It is always great when some other person tells us that we can be whatever we set our minds to

Well I think people act as a gazebo, a white pill that doctors use to make the patient use belief to self-hill

The exact thing happens when some great speaker (I am only saying great, just to mimic how they are called on stage) tell you that you have the power to do anything you put your mind to. But in reality you already know that you had the power, you already knew that you had the inner courage before the speaker said a thing

I will bring this down to bad habits (and I mean bad, depending on how you view life). The first “Bad Habit” that I will like to dig into is, going out to drink every weekend and feeling like and looking like a blue monster on Monday mornings and broke in the middle of the month.

The reason I am using this is because I have come to realize how much people like to party very weekend. No matter the weather or state of the economy people fill their cars and go drink

Teenagers sneak out of the house and well fathers come up with every reason there is in the book, just to go have a drink with the boys (I am sorry for putting it out like that, I know nobody likes a snitch)

So if humans can decide to do this weekend in and out, without relenting. Then what does it say about our will? Nothing hectic I’d like to believe, but I still find my thinking questionable.

If you can decide to wake up, put on your shoes, walk in the rain or hot sun just to buy a cigarette or drink

Well I still hae the same unquestionable belief that you can be what you want to be!

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