How protests can affect student marketing

Protesting is known as expressing a strong objection against proposed notions, ideas, strategies or projects.

Protesting can be done via marches, refusal to do everyday tasks or duties agreed upon, which are normally civilized and orderly. Violent protests often lead to damaging public property, harming other citizens or fellow protestors.

These actions could affect student marketing in the following ways:

  • Damaging public property – this includes buildings, outdoor media which are all prime marketing platforms.
  • Little to no exposure – there is hardly any students on campus therefore having any promotions would be pointless.
  • Students’ attention is directed elsewhere- their main focus will be on the protest, what it’s about and the outcome of it, brands will be the least of their worries.
  • Safety hazard- these protest can often get violent which could put clients and promoters in danger.
  • Waste of finances – any promotions or advertising on campuses during protests will go unnoticed which will only be a loss for businesses and their clients.

Although protests are done for a good cause they can be volatile and malicious which in turn defeats the purpose of getting their voices heard and shifts the main focus from what the protest is about, to the actual disorderly happenings at the protest.

Protests are better off left to run its course, without any interference from those who aren’t actively involved. If in fact business do get involved, they need to support a cause which they believe in and make sure that is does not affect their image.

Nonetheless, protesting is a great way to put into action change that otherwise would not have affected the economy well. Protecting the publics’ best interest can never be a mistake, but how you go about it is what matters most. Good or bad, protests affect everyone, whether you’re involved or not.

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