International Student Success Stories Part II

Every year more than a million international students spend time in the U.S studying at American Universities. When they arrive they face a number of challenges, from securing international student loans to language barriers. Sometimes in the midst of it all, it can be difficult for these students to remember why they came—to learn, grow, and create a future they can enjoy and be proud of. 

With that in mind, today we are going to go over three powerful international student success stories from students who have come and conquered. Sometimes hearing from someone who has made it through something you are about to undertake can help you see the forest through the trees.

SRIJAN B. | Calcutta, India | Stevens Institute of Technology

Srijan was born in Calcutta, India. There he studied to become a programmer/IT analyst and was hired not long after graduation by a multinational IT firm in his home town.

After awhile working at his new job he found himself hungry for more. So he decided to come to the U.S to get his Master of Science in Information Systems at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. 

Unfortunately like so many international students, once Srijan arrived in the states, he figured out he wouldn’t be able to pay for his education without some financial help. That’s when he turned to MPOWER Financing. 

MPOWER is a social impact private student loan lender that provides quality, no-collateral required, student loans to international students. They were able to provide Srijan with a loan which allowed him to continue studying in the U.S. and finish his degree.

These days Srijan works as a business analyst for MarketAccess, a financial services company. He has been able to pay off his student loans and help his parents retire early. Now that’s a success story Mom and Dad can be proud of. 

Soo Jung R. | South Korea | UC Berkeley

Soo Jung came to the U.S to get her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Psychology at UC Berkeley. 

She was able to secure a number of quality internships with studying at Berkeley including a Marketing/Operations Intern position at LG Sports Inc. in Seoul, South Korea, and an Assurance Intern position at PwC LLP in San Jose, CA. 

After Soo Jung’s internship at PWC, she was hired on as a full-time as an Assurance Associate. She was also able to secure an H1-B visa from her employer soon after being hired on as a full-time employee.

Soo Jung gives some great tips for her fellow international students studying in the U.S on the UC Berkeley website. They are well worth the read for any hungry international students looking to come to the U.S to study.

Lillian Mambiri | Zimbabwe | McNeese State University

Lillian Mambiri was born in Zimbabwe and watched her older brother make the journey to the U.S to study when she was in High School. Soon after, inspired by her brother’s success, she decided to follow him on her own trip to the states. 

She began studying chemical engineering at McNeese State University and quickly fell in love with her new life on campus.

In an interview with the school paper, Mambiri revealed why she believes McNeese prepared her for her current position saying:

 “In school, we often feel like we are taught irrelevant material, however, McNeese has successfully acquainted me with processes which are commonly employed in this area(chemical engineering) and the company then gives me the savoir-faire.”

These days, Mambiri works for Coca-Cola as a chemical engineer. Something she describes as her dream job. Coming to the U.S to study can be challenging, but it’s one of the best ways to make your dreams a reality. 

Hopefully, these international student success stories can give hope to future international students seeking to come to the U.S. Sometimes you just need to see the path laid out in front of you in order to take the first steps down that road. So many international students have come to the U.S and found success and happiness, you can too!

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