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What to do after graduation?

Choosing what to do with your post-graduation life can be exciting and stressful (not always an even balance of the two). Though you may feel rushed and it may seem like everyone you know is about to hit the ground running as soon as they take off their cap and gown, you have time. Think about what you really want to do. After all, the next year of your life could be one of the few times that you’re able to do what you want to do. Take advantage of it.

Make money

While this may seem like the most traditional and obvious option, that doesn’t make it boring. Work in a school, on a campaign, or in an office. Get that fun, part time job you’ve always wanted, or try something new and unexpected. Your bank account (or student loan debt) will thank you later.

See the world

Take a trip, a long trip. Eat, love and explore your way through New York, Cape Town, and Beijing. Backpack through Europe. Hike the Lion’s Head trail. Go wherever you’ve always wanted to go, but didn’t have time for. If you’re short on money (because, well, you just graduated from college) there are ways to travel on even the tightest budgets. Though not a traditional resume-builder, traveling will give you a unique set of life experiences to shape your worldview, and you should definitely include it on your resume. You never know – your future boss may have eaten soft boiled quail eggs in Thailand, too.

Attend graduate school

If you know what job you want and you know that you need a master’s degree or any other course to get it, go do it. Perhaps you can also do communication, leadership or project management training to help build your resume. Grad school will help you develop your expertise and build your network, in your field.

Live abroad and volunteer

Like traveling, volunteering will give you invaluable experiences to shape your worldview. The possibilities are endless and it’ll be a few months of your life you’ll never forget. You’ll learn a new language, make friends to last you a lifetime, and see parts of the world you never dreamed to see.

Of course, this’ll only be the beginning of your journey. After you’ve come to terms with your new found freedom, it’s time to move on and update your résumé. After just one more screaming session in the shower, of course.

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