Why you should study abroad

Great things never come from your comfort zone. And moving to a new country is a good way to step out of this zone and challenge yourself. Travelling gives you the freedom to open your world up and broaden your horizons. Studying abroad is a brave step to take and it comes with many benefits. You’ll meet new people, grow, discover yourself, try interesting cuisines and fulfil your dreams.

Buy the ticket

You should study abroad while you’re still young, you have little to no responsibilities and you’re enthusiastic. Because when you’re older you’ll have a steady job, bills to pay and a ton of responsibility and it won’t be easy to pack up and leave. When you’re young you still have a lot of energy and freedom. You’re more willing to try new things, that you might not have a chance to experience when you’re older. For example you might be more keen to learn a new language. Studying abroad will never be easier than it is now.

Get out of your rut

People tend to get comfortable in their daily lives and their way of doing things. They get caught up in a routine. They cook the same food, hang out with the same people and go to the same places all the time. But studying abroad will helps one to leave familiar territory.

Overseas travel will help you gain the new perspective and realise the world is much bigger than the little town you grew up in. It’ll also help you grow as an individual.

Life-long friends

Being the new kid on the block could be uncomfortable and difficult at first because you don’t know anyone. But given enough time you’ll eventually meet new people and become friends with some of them. Go to as many events as possible, volunteer and join society groups on campus. You’ll meet many people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and you could make lifelong friendships.

Culture shock

Don’t panic when you experience culture shock. Language barriers, different customs and foreign cuisine could leave you frustrated. But don’t let this ruin your time abroad. Embrace the environment and norms, and be open-minded and willing to learn. Just make sure you don’t isolate yourself but you open yourself up to other people’s way of life.


You’ll get to see the world. Studying abroad will expose you to new places and experiences. You might find yourself in the streets of Rue Cler, Paris trying out the food markets or scuba diving in the Maldives.Travelling will broaden your mind and give you a new perspective about other people’s cultures.


When you’re alone in a new country, you’ll be forced to become more responsible. You won’t have your parents around to bail you out when you get into trouble. You’ll have to learn and figure things out on your own and that’ll help you grow as an individual. For example, you might live on your own and learn to cook healthy homemade meals for the first time. Learning new things will help build your confidence and it’ll speed up the transition from being a young adult to being a fully fledged grown up.

New language

When you’re in a new country you’ll be able to learn a new language. You’ll be surrounded by the natives who speak their language fluently and they can teach you and help you with correct pronunciation. By learning the language this way you’ll quickly pick up on the slang and common expressions the locals use. Immersing yourself with the locals is the fastest way to learn a new language. Keep a notebook with you where you can write down different phrases and expressions you hear from the locals. Imagine how impressive your resume will look if you can add a second language to it?

Stand out from the rest

When you apply for jobs, your international experience will put you ahead of all the other candidates vying for the same job. Studying in a foreign country shows the hiring manager that you have initiative, you are flexible and that you’re able to adapt quickly to an environment.

Plan ahead

Make sure when you travel to a new place you have a plan B. Not everything will run smoothly, make sure you have a solid plan for when things go wrong. Research the culture and customs of your new destination. And also make sure you’re aware of what the weather is like so you can fill your luggage with vital items. For example, if you’re studying in Russia you’ll need to pack a lot of warm clothes in order to combat the freezing temperatures.

Most people dream of exploring the world, trying new cuisine and immersing themselves in different cultures. But they never have the courage to do it. Studying abroad will give you confidence and you’ll learn to navigate your way through a country and become more responsible.

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