Huawei – Affordable, fashionable and impressive

When it comes to smartphones, it’s almost impossible to have it all. Those that have the technical specs you want are sometimes so unattractive you don’t really want to have one in your hand, and those that are both technically impressive and brilliantly designed are often very expensive. Making your final decision almost always involves a compromise of some kind.

The HUAWEI Y5p smartphone, however, is here to defy all your expectations. It’s now available in South Africa for less than R1,900 – yes, less than R1,900 – and is both beautiful and powerful. Here are some of the details.

Sleek, sexy and boasting a dynamite screen

The quality of the HUAWEI Y5p smartphone is obvious from the moment you pick it up. It comes in the exquisite colours of Phantom Blue and Midnight Black, and is engraved with textures and wavy lines that delicately reflect light. Its smooth, rounded edges wrap around a large, HUAWEI FullView screen that offers bright, vibrant colours and will be especially loved by movie fans and gamers.

The screen will also be appreciated by budding photographers, who will enjoy being able to clearly view and admire the pictures they take on the phone’s incredible front and back cameras. The back camera on the HUAWEI Y5p produces particularly good night-time pictures, as its built-in brightness feature lightens the dark areas of your shots while enhancing some of the finer details. The front camera snaps great selfies and automatically adjusts according to the surounding light so that you always look your best.

With Huawei’s Gallery app, you’ll even be able to create collages of two to nine photographs that can be uploaded to social media quickly and easily.

Great battery life and storage space

The HUAWEI Y5p smartphone comes with a long-lasting battery, a battery so powerful that you can talk over 4G for 21 hours, watch 17 hours of video, or surf the internet on 4G for 13 hours on a single charge. This frees you up to enjoy everything your phone offers without having to reach for a cable every few hours. Its power-saving technology also shuts down apps that consume too much power, giving you more battery life at critical times – such as during load shedding.

The HUAWEI Y5p smartphone is equipped with remarkable technology that ensures it operates quickly and smoothly, even after you’ve had it for a long time. This means that you’ll no longer have to wait for apps to load or for your phone to switch between tasks. It comes with lots of storage space for all your photographs, videos and games, and if you want more, you can easily buy a separate micro SD card that can give you up to 512GB extra space – that’s more than most laptops.

Of course, it goes without saying that the HUAWEI Y5p smartphone runs on Huawei’s latest EMUI10.1, which makes the whole user experience easy and intuitive.


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