HUAWEI P Smart 2021

Get more for less with the HUAWEI

A budget-friendly phone doesn’t mean that it has to be a boring phone. In fact, it can very well be a “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” phone because the price and features alone will make it the talk of the town. One such phone is the HUAWEI P Smart 2021, which comes with some stellar camera features, a long-lasting battery, as well as quick charge, and plenty of storage space.  

Although the HUAWEI P Smart 2021 is an entry-level device in terms of its price, it comes with some impressive specs you would usually associate with phones in a higher price bracket. These include:

Spectacular camera features 

The HUAWEI P Smart 2021 comes with an AI quad camera that includes a 48MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide angle camera, an 8MP front-facing camera with AI beauty support, a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP depth camera. Quite simply, no other entry-level smartphone camera compares.

High sensitivity for night photography

If you like capturing your city’s night life, then you’re going to love the HUAWEI P Smart 2021. This is because it automatically increases the brightness in dimly lit environments, making it ideal for shooting night portraits that offer bright subjects and clear backgrounds.

One shot fits all

The next time you’re out on a hike with friends, you’ll be very grateful to have the P Smart 2021 in tow because the 120° ultra-wide angle lens will allow you to squeeze everybody in the group photo while also capturing the vastness of the natural landscapes behind you. You can also shoot video using your ultra-wide angle lens.

Pay close attention to detail

If taking pictures while studying the beautiful intricacies of nature is something you like to do, the HUAWEI P Smart’s 2MP macro camera is suited for you. It allows you to capture shots from as close as 4cm from the lens, revealing every delicate, microscopic detail of nature’s wonders.

Charging power

If you’ve got a long commute home and use the time to catch up on the latest movies or series from your phone, then the HUAWEI P Smart 2021’s long-lasting battery will make you happy. With the phone’s AI power-saving battery and 22.5W super charge, which allows you to charge your battery in no time, you won’t need to panic about not staying up to date with your series. Your battery will still have plenty of staying power for you to enjoy hours of viewing pleasure, which is a great distraction when travelling by public transport.

Plenty of storage space

If you like to download videos, games, and music to keep on your phone, then the 4GB RAM space on the HUAWEI P Smart 2021 has got you covered. The 4GB effectively allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously and switch between them fluently, while the 128GB ROM brings you a large storage for all your favourite photos, videos, games and music. 

Incredibly large HD display

Together with the incredible cameras at your disposal, the HUAWEI P Smart 2021 has an exceptional display on which to view your images. The phone’s 6.67-inch high-resolution screen displays content in fine detail and vivid colours, allowing you to experience every moment, whether reliving memories, or being entertained by movies and games.  

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