Share your life instantly with Polaroid

Many years ago, our parents had the ability to share their photos instantly with their friends, while not on social media. everyone around them could see what they had just taken a photo of. The ability to share everything became easier with digital cameras and social media but you land up with a lot of files on your phone or computer that will never see the light of day.

Now things have changed and Polaroid, the same people that gave instant photo sharing to our parents and their parents, has launched a whole new line of cameras. These are the Polaroid snap touches and they are what happens when old school Polaroid snaps meet new school digital cameras.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of these babies and so far we are pretty happy. Our head of content went and bought one for herself. These are pretty compact and are pretty much the size of a standard compact digital camera, maybe a fraction bigger. It is fairly light and has a digital screen so you can see the photos you take before you print them.

What we liked:

The touch screen isn’t the world’s best but it is handy to show you the photo, before and after you applied the various printing effects.

The printing effects a fun addition, it allows you to not only print a straight photo but add filters and frames to the photo as you print them. This allows you to customize your images without the hassle of having to buy printing paper with the custom frames.

Now, this isn’t just a straight oh you can only keep what you print. The camera allows you to store everything on a mini SD card as well as record videos. This means this is the only camera you need while on your holidays or at your 21st birthday.

The digital camera takes good quality photos this doesn’t reveal a big DSLR camera but the average person doesn’t really need photographs of that sizes as mementoes of their holidays or events. Except for the obvious big ones like matric farewell and weddings.

The camera also connects to your phone, so you can share your photos on your apps like Instagram and they look almost exactly like your real printed photo.

What bugged us:

Bare in mind, these are tiny glitches in design didn’t make us like the camera any less and would have prevented us from buying the camera. The on/off button is the pop-up flash and that doesn’t always close as easily as you would want to.

The screen pixel quality is very low so the photo on the screen doesn’t always look as great as the printed photo or a true indication of what it would look like on your computer.

It also doesn’t have a zoom lens so it is a digital zoom, the photo can get quite distorted then. Move a bit closer to what you want to photograph rather than zooming in, if possible.

Last point:

They bought out the cheaper model, that doesn’t have a screen, we didn’t get that one to review but if you are looking for a camera like this one and that one falls more into your price range then awesome.

This camera’s also come in a wide variety of colours, from black to bubble gum pink and quite a few colours in between.

This camera was not sent to us to review. This was a review written about a product the reviewer already owns. 

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