Unique graduation gifts that everyone loves

Graduation gifts, whether for college or high school, are supposed to solve problems for the new grad. They should be like a care package that helps the graduate to prepare for the life changes coming right ahead. College graduates are preparing for their first job and first apartment while high school graduates prepare for college or wherever their talents will take them, possibly far from home. Here are just a few unique graduation gifts that your graduating friend or relative will love:

1. A cross-body purse

If she just graduated high school, she will definitely love a leather cross-body purse or shoulder bag for her college organizational needs. She can use it to keep her smartphone safe, as well as important documents such as credit cards and IDs. Such a purse is great in that it can be multipurpose and stylish at the same time.

2. Wireless earbuds or Bluetooth speakers

A fancy set of wireless earbuds will impress any young graduate, male or female. Find them a pair with enough battery power to last at least 12 hours so that they don’t have to worry about charging during the day. If you can find one with a cool carrying case/outer cover that’s waterproof, dent, and crack resistant, the more impressive it will be.

3. Personalized jewelry

All girls love the quality, stylish jewelry. Find her a personalized keychain, necklace, or bracelet, especially if she is your significant other. This is your perfect gift that will remind them all the time that you love and cherish them no matter the distance.

4. A hooded robe

The grad will probably be using shared floor bathrooms in hostels, especially if he/she chooses to be a digital nomad. If he/she goes to college, communal laundry rooms are common in almost all colleges in the world. A hooded waffle robe, or something cooler, will help the grad ease into the new semi-public (should be private) space.

5. A backpack or traveling duffel bag

Backpacks and duffle bags are useful for traveling young people, or for people living in busy cities where they use a subway, bus, or train commute regularly. A sleek backpack with enough space for office essentials is, therefore, a good gift for a graduate who is planning on working in New York, LA, or any other big city. Try to find a backpack that is durable and water-resistant so they can use it for work outings and weekend adventures until they are stable enough to buy their first car.

6. Personalized rings

A personalized ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a one-of-a-kind symbol of how someone feels about the world; about what matters most to them. Personalized rings are made using the recipient’s favorite gemstones and precious metals; they will know you know them well and that is all the assurance they need to start their new adventures.

7. Accessory tray

An accessory tray makes nightstand or dresser-top organization easy and sleek, especially for a new college student. They can use it to keep their smartphones, keys, jewelry, and other accessories.

8. Brow-drier brush

She doesn’t have to have messy buns and sloppy ponytails just because she doesn’t have the time to do her hair. A brow-drier will give her a polished, groomed look any day of the week without messing up her morning timetable.

9. Motivational wall art

Download and print a lovely motivational poster and frame it in a stylish, cute frame. Wall art is the perfect décor item for a college freshman living in a dorm for the first time in their life. If he/she just graduated from college, the wall art will be perfect for his/her new apartment.

10. Homeowner’s DIY kit

A new homeowner needs a ratchet, a socket wrench, a screwdriver, a hammer, and everything needed for basic repairs around the apartment or house. This gift is perfect for a male college grad, but it is ideal for females as well. Everyone hangs pictures even if they don’t do major repairs.


Graduation is a huge milestone, an accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated in all imaginable ways.  It can be difficult to come up with the right gift for a young adult especially if you graduated a long time ago, but you won’t believe how important a thoughtful gift can be for him/her new life.

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