Secrets of a fun road trip

There is nothing quite like a hot summer day spent travelling with friends, with the wind blowing in your hair without a care in the world. Nothing can quite satisfy the wanderlust in us quite like a new adventure. Travelling opens your eyes to new things and leaves you with stories that will last you a lifetime. Travelling is about more than the food, culture and language. It’s about bonding and creating memories that are unique and memorable to you and your friends.

Journeying with friends is important because you will need that push from them to finally do the ridiculous like bungee jump at Victoria falls, eat those Mopane worms in Limpopo or gorge swing in Graskop. Those exhilarating moments won’t be quite the same if they’re not shared with friends. And a road trip is the best solution.

Road trips are about laughing until your stomach hurts and tears stream down your face, they are about deepening relationships and leaving you with long-lasting, beautiful memories.

Here are some ways to make your road trip go smoothly and be a great experience.


You need to ensure that your car has been taken in for a service. You don’t want to find yourself stranded along the roadside because your car just broke down. You need to take the necessary measures to make sure your car is maintained. When your car is serviced, all the necessary car parts will be checked: the oil filter, suspension and air filter. You may be driving you gran’s used Ford and you trust that she has maintained it over the years, but you still need a professional to check it out before you make the trip.


Bring magazines, books, download music and make sure your phone is fully charged and you have a car charger. Road trips can be extremely long, why not read a book you haven’t had time to finish, or catch up with the latest news by picking up a magazine. You will need to fill up time in the car.


Bring all sorts of snacks for the journey. Whether you will stop at a garage or not, you will get hungry along the way. Bring a variety of snacks, such as chips, fruit, and water. And if you’re travelling with pets, don’t forget they have to snack on something too during your breaks.

Spare tyre

Make sure you have a spare tyre in your car, you never know if you might come across potholes or debris that could puncture your wheel. You also need to make sure you have some sort of idea of how to put one on if you and your friends find yourself in an area that’s secluded with not a lot of cars travelling on that road. it may be wise to not ask for help when there aren’t many people around. There are opportunists out there who are looking to take advantage of anyone vulnerable.

Taking your pet

Take your dog for a walk so it can exercise before the trip and will be a little tired when it gets in the car. Otherwise your dog will be restless the entire trip. Make sure that when you take breaks at the garage you also take it for a walk. Your dog needs the exercise because it’ll be cocooned for long hours in the car, so it’ll need the breather.

You need to ensure that your pet is protected. Your pet needs to be restrained from moving around with a seatbelt. Or it can be put in a kennel. You should also put a harness on your dog, so that if you get into an accident the dog isn’t strangled.

You should also refrain from feeding your dog right before a road trip because dogs usually have motion sickness, and also try to not feed them during the trip. You don’t want your dog getting sick all over your car. You should also bring toys for you pets to keep them preoccupied throughout the whole trip.

With each new day, there will be something fresh to experience, new sunsets, food and faces. Going on a road trip with friends will make the relationship richer and deeper. You will discover all sorts of new things together. And you will experience a lot of ‘firsts’ together. Such as abseiling in Mpumalanga for the first time, getting up close and personal with a lion in Kruger National park or trying spicy foods in the streets of India for the very first time. Just make sure you have all the necessities to make an amazing trip.

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