Seven Ways for Students to Travel Like a Nomads

Choosing to be a traveling student isn’t going to be easy at all. Traveling needs money and to get the money, you have to work not unless you are from a rich family. That is why the best option for students who are travel enthusiasts is to take the risk of working and studying on the road; to travel like nomads.

The nomadic lifestyle is much more than just vacationing at a place or visiting a new destination. It is more of creating a holistic journey, looking for growth prospects, and turning new and unique experiences into money-making opportunities. As a nomad student, you get to meet new people, make friends all over the continent, try out all sorts of accommodation options, and eat cheap but delicious foods. Traveling fosters change within you in a fun and envious way.

With that in mind, here are 7 tips on how to students can travel like nomads:

Become a freelancer

Do you have any acquired or inborn skills that can get you a job online? You could be a talented writer, web designer, marketer, or social media influencer. There are hundreds of job opportunities online that will earn you good money without messing up your timetable. Try out iWriter if you are a good writer, Upwork if you are a good web designer, or any other gig economy heavyweight and start freelancing ASAP! Even if you aren’t the best in your field (yet), don’t worry- you will learn more skills on the job.

Cut down on your expenses

Another way is to go slow on your little savings so that you can put that money to better use- traveling. Most students operate with shoestring budgets, yet they have almost as many monthly needs and debt obligations as the working class. If you are one of such students, try to eliminate as many unnecessary expenses as possible. For example, instead of paying $100 per month for a gym membership, why not start jogging in the morning and exercising without a paid trainer? If you don’t need cable TV, why not stop paying for its subscription?  Rid yourself of any extraneous financial obligation that weighs you down.

Learn the art of minimalism

A life of minimalism builds on the point above. It means only living with what is essential to you and forgetting about everything else. For example, if you are fine wearing only three pairs of trousers in a week, why do you have 10? Learn to live out of a suitcase and you will become a successful nomad.

Study online

You can be a digital nomad by studying online. All you need to do is sign up with an online university and study on the road as you work online for your tuition fees and your basic necessities. You can travel anywhere in the world without hurting your academic life or spending as much money as you would if you were to study in a physical classroom.

Join a digital nomad community

There are many digital nomad communities out there that you can tap into. These are people who have made working or studying on the road their way of life. You might even find some of your college mates in such communities. Their insights are invaluable.


As thrilling as a laptop lifestyle could be, it will be naïve for anybody to pack a suitcase and head out without a clear plan. You need to learn how to survive abroad, how to book dummy flight itinerary, probably a new language, and, of course, how to succeed academically even when you are constantly on the road. It will be best if you went for a summer vacation first and see how well you do on your own, with your small budget, and with exams on the horizon. If you manage to keep your sanity all through and pass the exams, well, that could be a sign that nomadism is your thing.

Start an online business

You can build your own online business that will be earning you some passive income. Start by creating a network of reliable friends who will be buying your products or services, and who will help you reach out to other potential clients. You can, for example, start an online piano class or be selling recipes online for all the foods you sample on the road.


Traveling costs a lot of money, but that should not be taken to mean that you can’t make it happen. The key is to always budget well and position yourself to benefit from the best travel deals out there. Remember that you need to play hard because you are still young, but that won’t be possible unless you work hard.

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