3 hobbies to better yourself this winter

Everybody needs a hobby. Our lives are stressful and sometimes it feels like all we do is work. It’s important to have something we enjoy outside of office hours. But we don’t want to just pick a hobby at random. We actually have to want to do it. And it should also be an activity that helps us better ourselves.

So, what can we do to have fun and better ourselves at the same time? Well, here are three ideas.

Discover the joy of podcasts
Podcasts are like snippets of radio talk shows without the adverts. Like television series, there are a variety of genres and there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find something that speaks to you (excuse the pun). The best part about podcasts is that they’re real people talking about real things. You can get advice, learn new information and be entertained all at the same time.

You can download these on your phone and listen to them as you go about your daily business. Whether you want to hear financial advice while you do the dishes or listen to movie reviews while curling up underneath your blankets, it’s up to you.

Read some nonfiction
There’s nothing wrong with reading a good novel. In fact, everyone should read fiction. But you should also be reading non-fiction. While you can learn life lessons from fictional stories, nonfiction books can teach you about a variety of real world topics. Whether you’re interested in current events, history, the entertainment industry or motivational biographies, you’ll find the right book for you.

Reading nonfiction increases your general knowledge and improves your understanding of the world. These books make you smarter, more interesting and better at winning arguments. What’s the downside?

Volunteer at a soup kitchen
This is less of a “hobby” and more of a good deed. Many people don’t have a warm place to sleep and very rarely have the luxury of a hot meal. So, this winter, why not do something nice for someone else? It’s not hard labour and it won’t take too much of your time. You’ll also feel great giving back to the community. Just don’t post about it on social media – nobody likes people who brag about doing charity work.

If you’re looking for a way to better yourself this winter, these are just three of many great options.

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