A College Girl’s Guide to Wine

Whether you’ve just spent a few weeks prepping for finals, pulling all-nighters while earning some extra cash by taking over more shifts than usual, or you’re just in desperate need of a girls’ night in, what’s your go-to beverage? Cheap, delicious, festive wine, of course!

But no, you don’t have to be a pompous know-it-all to pick the right bottle of wine for the occasion, and since you’re in college, swirling, twirling and sniffing isn’t as important as it’s cracked up to be, so you don’t need a degree in wine-tasting after all. Here’s a simple guide to get your tasty sips right and have fun without wasting your already precious grey cells or your time.

It’s a nice day for a white bubbly

For a wine newbie, a light white vintage is a great place to start, since it contains less alcohol, and it has numerous taste varieties, so that you can take your pick from whatever sounds yummy to you. For instance, I love the lonely Moscato, which is perfect with a juicy piece of cheesecake or all on its own, sipped for pure pleasure, and it goes brilliant when mixed with nectarine or peach flavours.

In need of something crisp? Then the classic Chardonnay is your answer: simple, goes well with chicken, and brands such as Barefoot and Wente Morning Fog are very decently priced. If you’re a fan of zesty, citrusy tastes, then Sauvignon Blanc with lime or green apple will make you extremely happy, especially if you’d go for some seafood for dinner, and Yellow Tail can be your go-to for this fresh bottle of white.

Satisfy your sweet-tooth with rosé

It’s mild, sweet and brilliantly refreshing, so it’s the ideal summertime glass of bliss, but for those who like to be rebellious, you can extend the pleasure of a decent bottle of rosé well into autumn and winter months. Its colour can range from salmon to peachy pink, but it’s tastes are as perky as its tones – so whether you have access to the Washington-made Charles and Charles rosé, you will be pleasantly surprised by its delightfully fresh taste.

If you’d like to be taken to Europe at least for the evening, then a Raimat Rosé from Spain with its strawberry punch and citrusy aftertaste is the perfect vehicle to your desired destination. Then again, California’s Chloe Rosé is an exciting mix of cherries, peaches and blackberry, while the wild Tasmanian Cape Bernier Rosé is easily one of the most delicious creamy mixes available. Plus, you can easily buy wines online in Australia and other “well-wined” countries of the world, so sit back and take your favourite rosé pick.

Spice up your winter with some red

Known for packing an extra alcohol punch and their spicy, lush aromas, red wines are the go-to choice for those who have already tried their fair shade of bottles. Why? Because reds can be rich for a beginner palate, and they are very mood-specific, but still simple to shop! The well-known Pinot Noir can be on the pricier end of the scale simply due to the difficulty of growing this type of grapes, but Castle Rock and Jacob’s Creek go oh so well with lamb or duck.

Another Spanish delicacy with a fair price tag is the Marqués de Cáceres Crianza Rioja whose fancy name carries a light vanilla-cherry essence paired with some oaky aftertaste. But another personal favourite, and an ideal pick for your pizza night, is the Fontanafredda Briccotondo Piemonte Barbera, low in tannins and balanced in acidity, just fruity enough to be enjoyed with pretty much anything you’re up for on the menu.

So, ladies and gents, you can find a decent bottle of bubbly, red, white or rosé any day of the week, possibly in your local supermarket or even more conveniently, online, while you’re testing your tapas-making skills, and without the fancy fuss. Enjoy your pick, and here’s to new beginnings!

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