What to do when your drink is spiked

It’s scary to imagine your drink being spiked at a party, but this kind of thing does happen more often than you’d think. So what do you do when you start to notice that you’re not feeling too great, even though you only had two drinks that night? Here is what you should do if you think your drink has been spiked.

Look out for symptoms

When you’re out at a club or bar you should always keep an eye on your drink to lower the chances of it getting spiked. However, this doesn’t always stop people from spiking drinks. If your drink tastes weird, if it’s a different colour or if it has any floaters – these are signs that your drink has been spiked. But what happens if you haven’t detected these signs?

One of the most obvious symptoms is if you start to feel drunk after just having a small amount of alcohol. Other symptoms that come from a spiked drink are feeling disoriented, slurred speech, hallucinations, blurred vision and vomiting. These effects are also quite sudden, so you’ll probably notice a stark difference in how you are feeling.

Ask for help immediately 

Once a drug, such as Rohypnol or any other painkiller, narcotic and sedative has been mixed with alcohol the effects of these drugs are amplified and can affect you within 15-20 minutes. If you’re out with friends, tell them how you are feeling and ask them to stay with you until help has arrived. If you’re alone, ask to speak to the manager for some assistance.

Get medical attention

Getting medical attention should be your top priority if your drink has been spiked. Make sure that you either call an ambulance or get taken to a hospital. Once you have made it to a hospital let the doctors know that your drink has been spiked. Having them do blood and urine tests will help them to identify the drug that’s in your system so that you can be treated for it.

Prosecution can be difficult

In cases like these, it can be very difficult to find the predator and to lay charges against him or her. If you managed to keep your unfinished drink as evidence and there happened to be surveillance footage of the incident taking place, you may be able to find the perpetrator and to lay charges against them. However, this can only take place after the act has occurred which can make it even more difficult to apprehend them.

So if you suspect that your drink has been spiked, make sure that you find help immediately so that you can be treated for any effects.

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