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Enhancing the Flavor: The Art of Infusing Herbs in Bong Smoking

If your goal is to get the most out of your bong smoking, then adding herbs to your cannabis is likely to give you that. For starters, herbs enrich the flavor and aroma of that pleasant smoke. In addition, herbs help reduce the harsh effects of the smoke. If you are a beginner, this is a good way to enjoy your sessions and save your lungs while at it. Also, it can be a way to help you save your cannabis since you only use a small portion when mixed with other herbs. If you are unsure about where to start, this article delves into herbs that you can consider for your next session.

Herbs to consider for your smoking blend

Besides enhancing the flavor, mixing cannabis with herbs can bring you a wide range of health benefits. From improving your sleep, rejuvenating the mind, and reducing stress to enhancing relaxation, you have a lot to leverage from the herbs’ medicinal values. Here are 8 herbs that you should try:


Both lavender and cannabis (some strains such as indica strains) have linalool, a terpene with diverse wellness properties for the body. When these two are combined, they produce relaxing effects on the body and mind. If you are looking to relax some muscles or relieve some built-up stress, then lavender should find a place in your blend. You will love the peace and tranquility that comes with each session.


For a flavorful cannabis blend, peppermint leaves never disappoint. Better still, mint enhances the effect of cannabis, allowing you to enjoy intensified and invigorating rips. You also can’t deny the relaxing properties of the herb, which help rejuvenate your body and mind.

Moreover, you can infuse your bong water with mint leaves when using a water bong for smoking. Throw in some ice cubes to enhance the flavor and the experience. This can be a good break from standard water for your bong from time to time.


Rosemary is a herb that also shares a terpene with cannabis, the beta-caryophyllene (BCP). This component works well to improve the effect of cannabis on the body. If you want better results in your sessions, mixing rosemary herbs with cannabis could be the trick that you need. Besides this.  BCP is known to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. This gives you a natural way to get rid of stress and lift your moods.

Rose petals

These don’t only improve the flavor, but you will also love the fragrance that they add to your blend. Roses also contain aphrodisiac properties that spark euphoric feelings. If you are feeling low, a session of a mixture of cannabis and rose petals is what you need to bring you feelings of happiness. The good thing about rose petals is that they burn slowly. You can enjoy smoother and pleasant rips for a good amount of time.

Raspberry leaf

Used for generations as a medicinal tea, raspberry brings balance to the texture of your cannabis blend. Also, it is a neutral herb. You don’t have to worry about the smell and flavor overpowering that of your cannabis. This is the herb to go for when you want to enhance the smoke flavor but still get better hints of the smell and taste of your buds. Also, raspberry leaf is rich in tannin, a medicinal property that helps tighten and tone body tissue. It works effectively at relieving premenstrual syndrome including cramping.


This herb is perfect for beginner smokers and people who find cannabis smoke irritating to the throat. Mullein tones down the harshness of the smoke, providing you with a smoother smoke that takes it easy on the throat. Adding it to your smoke blend also helps alleviate the coughing that comes with cannabis smoking. Before you get accustomed to the smoke, or you just want to take it easy on your throat and lungs, blending cannabis and mullein can go a long way.


Eucalyptus has widely been used in treating cold symptoms. The expectorant properties of this herb help improve lung function. It also helps in opening your airway, which improves your body’s absorption of cannabis. Besides getting the desired effects faster, you are likely to experience intense highs. For this reason, you need to be extra careful about the ratio of eucalyptus to cannabis. Moreover, the spicy flavor and smell of eucalyptus ensures that you have a truly flavorful and aromatic experience.


Skullcap comes with a sweet cinnamon aroma and the flavor is like a mild berry, which makes it a good addition to cannabis for flavor and aroma. In addition, this herb delivers its medicinal value in treating inflammation. Also, it has a relaxing effect that makes it good for relieving anxiety and insomnia.


Say goodbye to harsh smoke by using different herbs to enhance the flavor and aroma of your cannabis. In addition to this, these herbs deliver diverse healing effects for your body and mind. Experimenting with a few of them is sure to give you unforgettable cannabis sessions that you will be looking forward to. However, before adding herbs to your cannabis, it would be great to consult with a professional to understand the ratios that are ideal.

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