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Small changes with the biggest health impact

You’re young, healthy and with your life ahead of you. This is your chance to create healthy habits in your daily routine to improve your body and mind.

It’s been proved following a healthy eating plan and exercising regularly not only makes you look great, but improves your concentration and memory. It is possible to make small changes which have a big impact. Your future self will thank you. Make these changes as soon as possible:

Quit smoking

You know you should quit smoking. You know you’re more likely to have cancer. But another reason you should quit now? You smell. And that’s not sexy.

Cut down on drinking

We’re not suggesting you quit drinking. We all enjoy a couple beers or glasses of wine in the evening and on weekends. But be responsible about it. Weight loss, improved cholesterol levels and healthier livers are all benefits of drinking less. You’ll also sleep better and be able to concentrate on your studies.

Stop adding salt

It’s become a habit to add a sprinkling of salt to every meal. But it’s not necessary. Too much salt in your diet can cause high blood pressure which has been linked to heart disease.

Say no to sugar

Those spoonfuls of sugar in your coffee might make your morning wake-up taste like dessert, but they aren’t doing you any favours. Sugar contains fructose which our bodies don’t need and turn into fat.

Daily exercise

You’ve been told a million times about the importance of exercise. It is about so much more than losing weight and building muscle, although those are great too. Exercising makes you happy.

Follow a healthy diet

Keep the basics in mind by being mindful about portion sizes and filling the majority of your plate with fruits and veggies.

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