How to take care of your body over the holiday season

When the holidays come around it can be easy to give into the busyness of it and to forget to take care of yourself. The stress and anxiety can then get too much that you end up feeling too tired to really enjoy the festive season. This is why you should remember to take care of your body so that you can enjoy spending this time with friends and family. So here are some tips to help you do just that.

Eat healthy

With the holidays come tasty treats and delicious meals. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t indulge yourself, but the majority of the time you should try and stick to a healthy meal plan. Don’t eat junk food all the time and introduce some vegetables and fruit throughout your meals. Then when it comes down to the Christmas feast don’t pressure yourself to eat everything. Eat what you can and leave the rest for later.

Get some sleep

It’s important that you get eight hours of sleep every night. But if you haven’t been sleeping well and need some rest, you can always go and take a nap. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep as it will only leave you cranky. Find a quiet room where you can close the curtains and close your eyes. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes, this will help to feel a bit more recharged on your hectic holiday.

Stay active

Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean that you should ditch your regular exercise routine. Try and do some exercise three to four times a week. If you’re not home for the holidays, then there are plenty of exercise routines you can do in a small hotel room without any equipment. Your exercise time periods don’t even need to be more than 20 minutes. So make sure to stay fit this season!

De-stress yourself

This time of the year is filled with stressful situations, from fighting with your family to going Christmas shopping. When you feel that your stress levels are building up, take some time out to go and relax. Find a quiet space and do some yoga or meditation. You’ll soon feel the stress begin to melt away from your body and you’ll feel much calmer. It’s ok to take some time for yourself during this busy period, so there is no reason to feel guilty about it.

Get a checkup

With all the running around you can easily leave yourself open to getting sick. So to prevent yourself from spending Christmas morning in bed suffering from a migraine or from the flu, you should set an appointment up with a doctor. Even if you’re feeling alright, it’s always a good idea to get a regular checkup so that you know that everything is functioning properly.

During the holidays we can get so wrapped up with what is happening around us that we don’t bother to look after ourselves. Once everyone has gone home and the festive season is over, you are left to deal with your sluggishness and stress. So don’t forget to take care of your body so that you are happy and healthy when the new year comes around.

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