Tertiary Education

Obtaining the right career is usually a case of getting the right qualifications. For that you need to plan for your tertiary education. Plan for your tertiary education so that you’ll be able to get

Want to move mid-year? Know your rights…

June is the month that South Africans celebrate the rights of the youth, which extend far beyond the basic right of access to education. With many students living away from home in rented accommodation, it’s

Managing your first salary

When we get our degree, our next goal is to earn a salary with the skills we’ve acquired. Everyone loves the feeling of their first paycheque. However, we shouldn’t be too quick to spend it

3 hobbies to better yourself this winter

Everybody needs a hobby. Our lives are stressful and sometimes it feels like all we do is work. It’s important to have something we enjoy outside of office hours. But we don’t want to just

Africa Vision 2063 – where will we be?

Africa 2063. You might not think that a vision so far into the future applies to you. After all, if you’re a student or young professional, you’ll be in your mid-sixties by then, ready to

How students should plan their financial future

The future is uncertain, especially for students. You emerge from having studied for years, ideally for a financially secure career. But this is no guarantee your financial future will be smooth sailing, since markets are

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Tips for students starting their own business

Starting your own business is a daunting task for anyone, let alone someone who’s recently graduated. Many students focus on business courses specifically to achieve this goal, but don’t find success. There are no guarantees,