Advice for young professionals

Never give up, don’t stop learning; and read!  These are some of the lessons learnt by three powerful women who have excelled in their careers and shared their wisdom with young professionals during Nedbank’s first

Lenovo Legion™

The mobile gaming scene is heating up with a bigger selection of titles and 5G1 enabling super-fast speeds in more places for all-out gaming adrenaline. If your smartphone isn’t packed with enough power for modern

What is 5G?

We’ve all experienced those frustrating moments when your Wi-Fi does not reach every room in the house or every corner at the office because the Wi-Fi signal is too weak. These areas are often referred

No laptop? No problem.

With most devices, whether they be smartphones or computers, the mantra over the past few years has been “smaller is better”. When it comes to laptops, this has been especially prevalent, as is seen in

How to reduce your insurance bill in lockdown

As most household incomes shrink, Savings Month, this year coinciding with South Africa’s fifth month of COVID-19 lockdown, is placing monthly expenses, especially insurance bills, firmly in the spotlight. And it is not a kind


Western Digital Corp. (NASDAQ: WDC), today introduced a portfolio of external storage solutions to the South African market, enabling PC and console gamers to access new engaging experiences and capture more winning gameplay, without maxing

How To Deal With Noisy Roommates

Sharing a home or apartment is one of the best ways to save on rent and other expenses, not forgetting that long life friendships mostly bud from college roommates. You may love them with all

How To Build A Successful Career In Retail

Succeeding in retail, just like with any other career, requires resilience, sheer determination, and passion. The competition retailing professionals get in this industry is immense, and yet it gets piling up every passing day. To

How to save on insurance

The latest Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance (OSTI) Annual Report makes interesting reading from a consumer perspective, especially the insights it provides on the most common reasons for claims rejection.  The Ombudsman finalised 9167 formal customer complaints in