How To Build A Successful Career In Retail

Succeeding in retail, just like with any other career, requires resilience, sheer determination, and passion. The competition retailing professionals get in this industry is immense, and yet it gets piling up every passing day. To succeed, they must have better products than their competitors, push their sales staff to outdo their previous sales records, have the best marketing strategies, and have the best production technologies.

Whether you own a retail business or are a professional working in the retail industry, here are 6 tips on how to build a successful retail career:

1 Get an education

There aren’t any specialized education requirements for retailing professionals, but that should never be misinterpreted to mean that you don’t need to learn the nuances of retail, analytical skills, store planning, human resource management, or risk management. You can pick up skills such as creativity, tolerance, and decisiveness along the way, but if you can equip yourself with relevant, basic aspects of those skills beforehand, the higher your chances of success will be.

2 Allow yourself to grow gradually especially when expanding internationally

If you own a retail business and would wish to open a shop overseas, take your time to draft your international strategy, understand the foreign market, and take a gradual approach to the entire expansion process. Understand how you will be shipping products to the foreign market, and how you will be managing your international employees. Understand the various payment methods in the country, currency conversion methods, and how to comply with taxation, employment, and importation laws. You can liaise with an international PEO provider especially on matters logistics and employment laws compliance. That will free up some space for you to handle more intimate matters of running your store.

3 Understand different shopping behavior

Each one of your customers has individual shopping preferences. Each one of your markets has unique demographics, cultures, and needs. That is why you will have a rough time if you treat your clientele as one whole market rather than multiple different demographics with multiple client personalities. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, take time to understand the pain points of every customer, and try to offer workable solutions.

4 Be flexible and ready to adapt

Growing a career in retail is not something that will happen overnight. In fact, it will not follow a particular straight path. Challenges will come and throw you off balance, sometimes you will need to pause and revise your tactics, and sometimes better opportunities will open up so you will need to abandon the path originally set out to follow the more promising paths. To do any of that, you are going to need flexibility and the ability to adapt when the need arises.

5 Hire the right people

Selling is just a small part of retail, but many beginners think that it is the entire thing. Most of your employees should have a background in sales, but you also need store management, marketing, design, administration, and logistics experts in your team. You will also need retail field managers for a start, and then you will need to hire area managers, district managers, and regional managers to handle the new stores that you’ll open in other locations. You may also need security and loss prevention specialists to protect physical merchandise, watch out for shoplifters, and to prevent internal theft

6 Learn to manage time

Before you can manage your cash register effectively, you must first learn to manage your time. good time management also helps you to manage the workplace culture, deal with demand upsurge, and handle all customer care issues in good time. As much as you will have to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously at one time, you should be able to prioritize tasks so that you don’t lose your productivity in between multitasks. Also, learn to avoid distractions, time wastage, and procrastination.


If you are looking to take your retail career to the next level, all your efforts must be targeted at staying on top of the retail job market. After all, that is all being successful is all about. There are no shortcuts in this industry. However, you must know that many professional retailers have come before you and conquered. You too can succeed if you learn what they did and outsmart them in their own game.

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