3 Things That Shouldn’t Be in Your Consulting Resume

One of the things that you should really spend time on is your consulting resume. It’s going to be your face sheet. The first thing that your employer will see before you even introduce who you are. That’s how important that it. With that said, it’s important that you should highlight and group your strengths. You can do this by doing the MECE principle. That’s what should be in your resume. But as a guide, here are some things that should NOT be in your consulting resume.

1. Irrelevant work experience

What will a part-time service crew job will do for your case interview? None. If you want to show how hardworking and disciplined you are, say it verbally. All other irrelevant work experiences do not deserve a spot in your consulting resume.

2. Too many bullets

A paragraph is okay. Bulleted lists are good. But you should definitely know where you should stop. Too many bullets can come off as a lazy consulting resume. Or that there are too many facts that you have to tell and you can’t organize them properly. Remember the MECE principle when you’re still making the bullet points.

3. Personal pronouns

Now, this may sound off new to you. But no, you should not put any “I,” “me,” “she,” “my,” or any other personal pronouns in your consulting resume. Basically, don’t write it in the first nor third person. It’s a given sign that your resume is about you so you might as well skip the egoistic chatter and start writing in second person point of view.

There is still a lot for you to consider when it comes to building your consulting career. We could outline every single thing that you shouldn’t include, but it’s still all up to you. You have to decide on what will work best for your interview.

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