3 Things to Remember When Creating Construction Timelapse Videos

Timelapse videos are great to look at. Especially if you are looking at how much change has gone overtime, timelapse videos are always a good idea for this. This is also the main reason why creating construction timelapse videos are the trends lately. If you’re planning on doing one soon, here are the things that you need to remember when creating construction timelapse videos.

1. Take note of the aperture.

In any timelapse videos, use the “Aperture Priority” setting. After that, have every setting set to manual. Choosing the Aperture Priority setting also lets the camera work out how to expose the subject for each shot. Although the flickering will be worse than what you expected, this setting is the most excellent choice for any long term timelapse projects like construction videos.

2. Take countless photos.

You are working on a long-term project. With that in mind, you would need ample memory storage. Construction doesn’t happen overnight, and there may even be some delays on the project. During the planning process, you have to take all of these into account. The trick for any long-term timelapse videos is the more pictures, the better.

3. Plan for everything that may go wrong.

If you think shooting a timelapse video for one day takes a lot of time and effort, what more if the project is due for several months? During this time, a lot of things can happen. Electricity can fail, weather can get in your way, the camera lens may get fogged, and a whole lot more. There are just so may possible things that could happen in hindering you from creating a good shot. Before all of these can happen, you have to think of ways on how you can prevent it.

Shooting construction timelapse videos are always a tough one to do. But if you plan and prepare for the project enough, you will get the best results that you’ve envisioned of.

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