Being a Social Media Brand Ambassador

Social networks form a very big part of our daily lives.  On average, you probably spend 3 hours on social networks daily (if it’s any more than that, then you definitely need this article). For a lot of students, most of the day is spent by attending classes, studying, sleeping and of course social networking. Getting a job on the side would be a drastic decision as you would have to cut down on sleep and studies. Having said that, it would be ideal if you could get paid for social networking seeing that it is a big part of your daily activity. This makes the concept of being a social media brand ambassador awesome for studenthood.

It makes sense that if you’re tweeting or facebooking throughout the day, you might as well get paid for it. Being a social media brand ambassador is a very relaxed but effective way of promoting brands as opposed to actually signing up with a promotion agency and having to approach strangers on a hot sunny day asking them to try out the new 72 hour deodorant, of which, all they ever want is the freebies. All you have to do is tweet a campaign or post it on facebook and you will earn based on the response that the campaign gets from your followers and friends. So while you’re tweeting, you could just take some time to see the campaigns available and choose the one that you feel that your followers might want to check out at the time and then you share it. The campaign will be an advert with a few words and a link that redirects whoever clicks on it to the merchant’s actual website, that link will have a tracking mechanism on it which will let them know that this traffic is coming from you. With this, you can get paid for every person who clicks on that link, every person who buys something from the merchant or even for every person who signs up to something on the merchant’s website, it is entirely dependent on the campaign.

Platforms like have made things very easier for us by being the intermediary between the merchants and us, the ambassadors. All you do is sign up to be a social media brand ambassador on the platform (for free) and then you get a list of campaigns ready to be shared. This is very similar to affiliate programming but is much easier, it does not require any sort of technical knowledge. Considering the fact that you earn based on your friends’ ore followers’ actions towards the campaigns that you have shared, people with a lot of followers on Twitter and a lot of friends on Facebook stand to gain quite a bit of money.

As a student, it is important that you engage with such platforms because you really have nothing to lose. This is a great way to create brand awareness and boost your income. As opposed to having a blog or website and generating advertising revenue, here is a great start to earning in the digital space.


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