Careers for extroverted people

Careers need a new or selecting your first Career – There seems to be this trend at the moment in the online culture to focus on introverts. Today, however, we are going to show extroverts some love. Your outgoing nature has many advantages, some of which are particularly relevant to the workplace. What are some of the possible careers an extroverted person would excel in?


PR (public relations) is great for the extroverted person. It’s the perfect avenue for your outgoing personality because PR requires getting out there so that your brand, company or product gets noticed. The world of PR seems glamorous but it can also be tough. However, it’s incredibly exciting and rewarding if you are the right person for the job.

Event planning

Do you spend a lot of time at events and often find yourself thinking how you could have done it better? Then go ahead and do just that. By studying events management courses you can make being the life of the party your full time job. Event management requires you to be able to coordinate and plan, but it is also helps having people skills and a keen eye for what people want from an event. In other words, an extroverted individual.


Salespeople make a living by being able to talk to people, make connections and be convincing. Sound like anyone you know? Turn your skill for speaking to all different kinds of people about various topics into a money-earning ticket. If you are good at sales you stand to make a lot of money through commissions.

Marketing and advertising

Advertisers and marketers are indirectly in touch with the millions of people they are marketing products to. Sound exciting? You will need your finger on the pulse of the market and have good insight into human behaviour. You will also be required to interact with people on a daily basis, such as focus groups, clients, influencers and a good sample of potential consumers to form and tweak campaigns. What’s more, marketing and advertising agencies are beehives of human activity. It’s a fast-paced lifestyle that could be very appealing to a certain kind of person.

Hospitality and service industry

If you are an extroverted person then you probably enjoy interacting with people, whereas others can get tired out even by the thought of it. A field where you will be able to mingle with the world to your heart’s content – and get paid for it – is in the hospitality and service industry. It is all about pleasing your customers, taking care of their whims and providing a fault-free experience. You will need excellent communications skills, endless reserves of patience, and a desire to care about the experiences of others.

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