Mistakes to avoid when choosing a career

You’re young, free and the world is your oyster. But the problem is you don’t know what career path to follow. Some people know what they want to do with their lives right off the bat. And it takes others a whole lifetime to figure it out. Choosing the right career is important because it’ll impact the rest of your life. And there’s a lot to consider before making a decision. like the pay, skill sets and capabilities and your passion for the job.  You should choose a career which will align with your skills and talents.

Here are a few mistakes people make when choosing their prospective careers.

It’s not about the money

Do what you love and the money will follow. Don’t choose a career based on the salary alone. If you pick a career based on money you won’t be happy and satisfied. You need to pick a career which will get you excited each morning or at least one which makes you look forward to getting to work. If you clock a nine to five and don’t have passion for your job you’ll end up frustrated and dissatisfied. You are going to spend eight to nine hours at work and if you’re not fulfilled you’ll find it hard to be productive. Don’t stray down a path which doesn’t suit you.


Sometimes parents have a huge influence on their children’s decisions, they try to steer them in the direction they believe is best. They might even have unfulfilled dreams they want their children to fulfil. Or they could want them to take over a family business they’ve started. If your dreams don’t correlate with your parent’s vision but you follow their demands it could become a problem. You should take a stand and choose what will make you happy. Living out your parent’s dream won’t satisfy you Your career should be based on your desires and wants. And you need to be honest with yourself and your parents about the path you want to take.


A heavy sounding job title might be enticing but don’t be tempted to fall for that trap otherwise you could end up unsatisfied. Some job titles have prestige attached to them and many people make the wrong choices in choosing careers based on that. For example, you may want to be a doctor because you’ll earn a good salary and respect? But you’ll have to pull many emergency and overnight shifts. You’ll have to do a lot of sacrificing and if you’re in the profession for the wrong reasons you won’t be satisfied. Weigh the pros and cons to see if you’re choosing a career for the right reasons. Don’t let other people influence your decision.


Cutting corners while you’re still young might seem ideal, but could leave you frustrated when you’re older. Don’t try to take the easy way out by choosing the easiest career. Having skill sets which come easily to you isn’t an indication of the path you should take. For example just because accounting was an easy subject for you at school, it doesn’t mean you should be an accountant.

Set your own path

Don’t choose a career to study just because your friends are doing it. Don’t follow the crowd. Pick a field of study which will make you happy at a place like Boston College where you’ll be fully equipped with knowledge and improve your career prospects. You might know someone who is doing really well in a certain career, but what works for them might not work for you.

Just winging it

You may be confused about what you want to do with the rest of your life, but if you pick a career on impulse you might live to regret it. You could take a gap year to figure out what you want to do. Sometimes taking time off helps people figure out their true paths.

Give yourself time

Do some detective work to find your true calling. You could do a career personality test online to find what work environment and career best suit you. Although they won’t give you concrete answers they’ll help you narrow it down by giving you a few options to consider. The Myers-briggs personality test is a great way to find out about yourself and help you make the best career choices for you. Take the time to do research on different careers so you can see if they are the right fit for you or not.

Whether you want to be an astronaut or want to be a teacher make sure the path you take fits your personality. Before you spend tons of money on tuition fees ensure you do your homework. Make sure your capabilities align with this career prospect. Sometimes people choose a career but they don’t do proper research on the particular field and they end up in a job they hate.

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