Is an engineering career for you?

Still not sure what you want to do in life? What career you choose is one of the most important decisions you will be called on to make in life. No pressure!

If you are still undecided but curious about engineering then read on to see if any of this resonates with you.

Do you like to build things?

Engineers turn ideas into reality. Most of modern technological intervention we have today has at some point been placed under the care an engineer.

Engineers typically either make things or make things better. You could even think of it as a creative job. Of course there are all sorts of engineering jobs. Some engineers play around with chemicals while others build robots. Generally though you are building things in some way, whether your tools are chemicals, computer code or metal and electricity.

Do you like to solve problems?

Much of the work of an engineer is finding solutions to problems. All kinds of problems. How can we get from here to there? How can we lift this? How can we make that better? It is an engineer’s job to apply their knowledge of how things work and make or improve things for the rest of humanity.

Are you curious?

Many people get into engineering because they want to know how things really work. They are fascinated by how the world and everything in it ticks. What makes a car drive? How do people make roads through the mountains? As an engineer you will get to explore what piques your curiosity.

Do you want a good future?

An engineering qualification generally secures you a good, stable career with many opportunities. The world needs many more engineers and that trend is unlikely to come to an end. There will always be mechanical, chemical or civil engineering jobs around.

Do you enjoy an intellectual challenge?

If you enjoy flexing your brain and applying your mind then engineering is a good path. Mental stimulation and intellectual challenges are in store for you.

A qualification in engineering generally involves math, science and similarly themed subjects. Don’t let this scare you off if you aren’t sure if those are your strong suits though. Drive and a willingness to work hard is what you really need.

So if you think that an engineering career could be for you, as you can see you have a fulfilling, exciting, challenging and rewarding road ahead. It’s important to think about what kind of engineering job you want to do of course. Do a little (actually a lot) of research to make sure you go down the right road the first time.

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