Advice for living as a student

Being a student isn’t easy but it does allow for a great deal of freedom. But with freedom comes responsibility – you need to look after yourself and take care of your own needs. Living alone while studying is usually most people’s first step toward adulthood.

But we also don’t have all the other advantages that adulthood usually brings, such as an income. So when it comes to daily living, we need to ask what we can do to prepare and survive it, while trying to also study and obtain a degree.

You’ll have to eat something

First, consider how you’ll feed yourself. One of the most important things you can do is learn how to make cheap meals. This could be anything from fried eggs to toast – these simple snack-like meal alternatives can be made without much thought and let you get back to focusing on the more important task of studying. BBC Goodfood recommends a whole host of recipes which are simple but effective. Minestrone soup, for example, is “packed with veg and energy boosting carbohydrates, a big batch of this cheap and speedy soup is freezer friendly and full of goodness”. Food like this is perfect for students who are forgetful and constantly on the move.

If you are able, it might warrant you investing in quality food preparation items like a quality pans or Smeg ovens. With this on hand, you’ll know you can quickly and easily make delicious and nutritious meals for yourself.

Getting around

Another important aspect to being a student is mobility. You need to be able to get around and do so quickly. While you might have access to your own car, it might be necessary to use alternate services or public transport. Getting to know your way around a new area during holiday times might prove the best. During term and work days, you can’t afford to be fumbling around trying to figure out how to get to class on time.

Learning tools

Investing in quality technology is becoming increasingly important as more universities focus on online learning – either entirely or partially. You might want to obtain devices which can allow you to utilise the school’s tools with ease. These shouldn’t be viewed as luxury but as essential, no different to stationery or books.

Living as a student isn’t easy, but there are ways you can make it less of a hassle to focus on learning – which is why you’re there.

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