Mistakes that make your CV look outdated

Resumes, like many other marketing materials, have an expiration date. As technology changes and the job search process becomes more mobile, it’s important to re-evaluate and edit this important document periodically. Your resume is a reflection of you – and you don’t want recruiters thinking you’re outdated because your document is. Here’s how to know if your resume needs an update.

Including too much of the past

When writing your work history section, there’s no need to include every single position you ever held. Only include the jobs that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. Employers are interested in your most recent work experience.

You want employers to call home

In this mobile age, it’s more important to be accessible whenever a recruiter wants to contact you. As a result, it’s recommended that you list your cell phone number, rather than your home phone number. Not only will you be able to maintain contact during your workday, but you’ll also have control over the voicemail, who picks up the phone when you can’t.

Your CV is too long

While there are no specific guidelines on how long a CV should be, you should aim to create a professional summary that doesn’t exceed two pages. For recent graduates starting out who don’t have much work experience, it’s better to write a one-page resume. This includes your skills and most relevant work experience – paid or voluntary – and your accomplishments. If you did a project management training course and it’s relevant for the position you’re applying, list it under qualifications. For well-established professionals, CVs can be longer than one page. Though it should be easy to read.

Your CV is flooded with text

The CV format is as important as the content that goes into it. This is what’s going to help it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Working on the appearance of your CV is a big deal because it helps to create the very first impression. If you manage to create a well-structured and visually balanced resume, then employers are likely to spend more time on it. Try not to include too many long phrases and paragraphs because this can make it difficult to read.

Your CV has an objective instead of a professional summary

Objective statements describe your needs, rather than how you’ll meet the needs of an employer. Use the space to sell your job candidacy by giving the reader your elevator pitch. In three to five sentences, explain what you’re best at, most interested in and how you can provide value to a prospective employer. In a resume, this is called your professional summary.

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