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Seven Common Marketing Careers You Can Pursue

There are dozens of jobs in marketing today that are all about customer acquisition. The main difference is in the tools used and the number of areas of responsibility. Suppose an Internet marketer is a universal professional who must own an extensive toolkit (set up ads, make landing pages, analyze and launch them). In that case, other specialists have a smaller area of ​​activity. Let’s see a list of seven common marketing careers you can pursue as a student to see what suits you.

Brand Management

Brand management specialists are becoming more and more in demand in retail as more retailers focus on their brand development. A private label specialist is a professional who promotes a specific group of goods on the market. This group is united under one brand (trademark). It is the competent, thoughtful positioning of the brand on the market that allows you to increase further and stabilize the profit from the sale of goods. The position of a private label specialist is promising in terms of a career and financial income.

Such a specialist may be offered to take complete control of the development of unique product innovations, branding, and positioning of products, including development, monitoring of implementation, and evaluation of the effectiveness of promotional activities. In this case, the employee is expected to participate in all stages of product development and control the timing of all phases of merchandise production.

A specialist in brand management can become a person who has received a diploma in marketing, advertising, and PR. In addition, graduates of economic colleges can apply for this position. The salary of a specialist depends on the company and the applicant’s qualifications. In addition, companies often offer their employees additional training in modern business practices and help develop leadership skills.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

An SMM specialist is a vast field where many narrow areas have appeared: a strategist, targetologist, copywriter, story maker, etc. When you work as an SMM specialist, you need to be able to communicate with clients, understand their needs and goals, and tell as clearly as possible. The fact is that often clients who seek help in SMM promotion do not have experience and a deep understanding of social networks. Then it would help if you created a promotion strategy. This is the primary document on which further work is based. It is also the responsibility of the SMM specialist.

An SMM specialist needs to be able to work with bloggers. Advertising with them is also part of the promotion strategy. You need to check the quality of the audience its relevance to the client’s product. It is also suitable for an SMM specialist to create content – shoot videos and photos. Moreover, in parallel with other tasks, communication with clients remains. You need to tell them what is happening with the project prepare weekly and monthly reports.

SEO consultant

SEO consultants are specialists who promote websites, taking into account the business’s marketing strategy. They are equally well-versed in technical optimization and Internet marketing principles. But most importantly, they know how to combine optimization, marketing, and sales into a single set of activities. The position of the site in search engines, the quality of incoming traffic, and, often, sales growth depend on the efficiency of the SEO consultant.

There are several ways to become a professional. The optimal solution is complex programs where experts teach SEO concerning digital marketing when they teach you how to optimize websites and how to solve marketing problems through SEO.

In the long run, SEO combined with marketing can provide consistent traffic and consistent sales even without spending on advertising. And the consultant who can offer high-quality optimization of the site, taking into account marketing tasks, is unlikely to remain unclaimed in the labor market.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business online. Therefore, mastering this direction of marketing is necessary. An email marketer is a remote or in-office specialist who writes, typesets, and distributes email newsletters. The main goal of this specialist is to segment the client base for a more targeted offer, to notify the consumer about new products, services, or promotional conditions.

Every year the demand for a specialist in mailing letters is growing exponentially. Every large-scale brand that has a product needs the services of an Email Marketer. Think of any store that has more than ten branches in your city. Usually, the owners work with an Internet marketer. The level of salary depends on the experience and knowledge of the specialist. It is worth noting that many companies are ready to hire a marketer on a remote basis, which allows you to send responses to a company that is not in your area.

Product Marketing

A product marketer helps a business articulate the value of a product. And its main task is to convey this value to colleagues and the user. A product marketer is mainly responsible for market analysis and strategy – in startups in the early stages of development, one of the founders or a marketing specialist does this, and in large companies, this position may be called differently: for example, the director of strategic development. The tasks of a product marketer are very different in different companies. This is the study of the market (customers, competitors, and trends), go-to-market strategy, and sales enablement.

The demand for product marketers is growing. This suggests that more and more companies are consciously approaching the creation and positioning of their products. This means that more and more quality products will make our lives better. And if this thought inspires you, and marketing is what you are interested in, this profession will likely appeal to you.

Public relations

PR managers are responsible for forming favorable company relations with the customers, journalists, influencers, and authorities. They are engaged in publications in the media, mentions in social networks and news, looking for publications and bloggers for cooperation. Such specialists are not only organizers; they also have to control the budget of pr-campaigns, analyze the performance of tasks by all campaign participants and generate reports for management. The services of PR agencies are also in demand on the market. Typically, companies turn to their services to organize an effective advertising campaign or before well-established events in the company: product presentations or rebranding.

PR managers are among the top 10 most popular professions in Internet marketing. Such specialists are hired mainly by large companies that want to strengthen their image. Alternatively, small companies that wish to declare themselves at the start loudly. At the same time, in large companies, such as banks or trading companies, a whole department usually manages public relations. In the PR sphere, the spread of salaries is too wide. The income of PR specialists depends on the region, experience, and even the popularity of the customer. Simultaneously, PR is considered one of the highest-paid in the field of marketing and advertising.

Event Marketing

Many will say that you don’t need to go to college to become an event manager. If you have ever organized a family holiday or your own wedding, then you have become a little familiar with this profession. It is enough to study all the nuances of the specialty and practice on current events, and then you can get a job in the event industry.

Event managers can be found in agencies that deal with events or in the staff of large companies. A specialist can also start his own business – organize his events or any other events to order. Based on the goal, the event manager thinks over the concept of the future event. It can be held in the format of a conference, exhibition, party, or even an off-site tour; combine the official part and rest.

An event manager is one of the few professions in which you can first try yourself and then decide whether it suits you or not. It is enough to work as a volunteer or an intern at one or more events. Try to work in different roles: newcomers are entrusted with event guests, preparing materials and sites, photography and content, registration of participants, and technical support.

Final Words

When working in the field of marketing or having an indirect connection with it, it is crucial to understand what specialists are in it and what they do. See if marketing careers are suitable for you. Feel free to choose a college profession and select a training program according to your interests.

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