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Things to Consider Before Accepting a Remote Job

Are you trying to figure out ways for getting a remote job? It appears like a desirable goal for the year 2020 right? A remote job allows you to have more flexibility with the schedule and there is no need to sit in the traffic while driving to an office. You can allocate more time for the side projects and these advantages go on and on. Getting a remote job can be enjoyable as it not only provides self-employment but also avoids having to spend ten hours daily in the office draining your energy levels.

Advantages of getting remote jobs

  • No commute is required. Once you are away from the dreaded commute there is no need to face the traffic or the annoying subway rides at peak hours.
  • Use your schedule. As no one is watching you can even watch YouTube at 10 AM on a Monday. No one will know. Although it depends on the job requirements you can generally work whenever you wish.
  • Work from anywhere. You can practically work at any place. Some people work on their back deck when there is nice weather outside. Some people like to work in a different country when they want a change.
  • More family time. In case you have children or pets you will wish to spend more time with them. You do not want them to get close to your workspace however, greater flexibility means more time for family.
  • Better costs. As your commuting costs are nil it can only mean better budget management for the month. You can also say goodbye to the $12 salads you had to consume for lunch and go to the supermarkets for cheaper lunch.
  • No more stress and distractions. Nobody will be stopping by your desk and distract you from the work. There is no office drama involved in the remote work.
  • Furthermore, you are freer to do whatever you please during your break, be it by visiting a friend, going for a walk, exercise, or even go around the block with your bike. If you’d like your ride to be quicker and more effortless, you can also opt for an e-bike.

Cons of getting a remote job

  • Loneliness. If you are working alone at home it is a sure way toward sadness. Working alone for 5 days a week can become lonely.
  • Overwork. Although it may appear at first that underworking can be a problem in this case, in reality, most people find difficulty in bifurcating work life with home life. This leads to never-ending working days. The possibility of burning out is real as you fall into bad habits while working from home.
  • Underwork. Although this depends on your overall work ethic, personality, and love for your job, it is a possibility that productivity may drop in remote circumstances. In case the direct supervision is responsible for motivating you to get the job done, working from home will not provide this environment.
  • No impromptu moments. Many people say that innovation and creativity can take place only at impromptu moments while being at work. By being physically close to the co-workers there is more scope for interpersonal communication. These moments are lost at the time of remote work.
  • Limited social activities with the team members. Some of the businesses are partially remote. For instance, 10% of staff work remotely. When all the other members of your team are out for happy hours, you and the other members of the team working remotely might be too far away to join them. This can lead to a feeling of seclusion.

Considerations before starting the search for a remote job

Here are some considerations before searching for a remote job.

1. Decide whether getting a remote job is suitable for you: Before getting involved in the methods for landing a remote job you need to decide if it is right for you. Deciding this needs some research and self-reflection on your part. You may wish to get a remote job if,

  • You are an extrovert but get a lot of interaction from various friends away from work.
  • You love talking to different people.
  • You like spending time with your family.
  • You love your work and there are no issues in concentrating.

2. Decide what motivates you: Taking up a remote job is similar to being an entrepreneur and just the motivational quotes will not fuel your enthusiasm forever. There is no one constantly telling you to get the job done. The only person telling you to continue to get things done is yourself. The best remote workers love their job and take pride in the work they have produced.

3. Understand what the remote employers are looking for: Most of the remote employees are looking for two important things. First is trustworthy people and people that love their work. This is because micromanagement is not possible for remote companies. By the way, always send your resume as a pdf file while applying for a job. Convert to pdf if you are using any other file format.

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