Safety skills for first time travellers

At some point, we will hopefully gain the freedom to travel. With our studies complete, we will look for new ways to grow as people. Ideally, we’ll learn about the world through personal experiences, not

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Tips for the Thrilled Traveller

It’s the night before your big adventure and you’re sure you have everything under control. But certainty aside, on the eve of the beginning of your journey, it’s easy to overlook the lesser-known, trivial details.

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First timers on the road: Reducing nerves

It can be very nerve wrecking for a first time driver on the road. Many first time drivers suffer from nervousness and get anxious about driving, particularly at night, in new places or when the

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What to pack for your first trip overseas

Going overseas is a scary, yet exhilarating feeling. The people, the different culture and traditions you will come across will blow your mind and you basically can’t wait to take pictures of EVERYTHING. However, a