Safety skills for first time travellers

At some point, we will hopefully gain the freedom to travel. With our studies complete, we will look for new ways to grow as people. Ideally, we’ll learn about the world through personal experiences, not books. But travelling isn’t easy and we need to prepare properly, especially given the diverse ways we can explore the world.

Most students have not had the opportunity to take extended holidays, due to spending almost all their lives studying. Such people would lack the experience, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from exploring our incredible planet.

Preparation is everything

Nothing succeeds if our preparation is lacking. Of course, every situation is different and we must prepare according to the needs of the trip. This means making a checklist of the kind of changes we should consider, such as climate, diseases and so on. Packing the wrong clothes, not getting the right medication and so on could turn a fulfilling journey into a nightmare.

There are some steps, however, which are universal and appropriate for almost any kind of travel. “Nomadic Matt”, a seasoned traveller, notes that taking an umbrella, a flashlight, a First Aid Kit and similar items never hurt anyone. His blogpost offers a handy guide for any first time travellers.

Training and education

Just as we never head into an exam without reading, so we shouldn’t head into new countries without doing the same. Learning about the culture, language and people can go far in making our lives better. As one travel blogger noted:

“From a purely logistical point of view knowing bits and pieces of a language helps you get on the right trains and navigate a new city with ease.”

We should know what is and isn’t appropriate dress, phrases and so on. We should be respectful, since we’re entering new places with rich histories. This is particularly important if we’re hoping to operate in any business. These days, all business is international since we’re all digitally connected. We don’t want to ruin opportunities for growth because we were ignorant about other cultures’ etiquette, thus making us look foolish to potential employers or clients.

We should also try educate ourselves on various forms of transport. After all, no one says we have to travel by car or foot. Going by boat or yacht, for example, is one option – meaning we should take a RYA radio course and other relevant classes so we can be part of a crew.

Going from student to traveller is everyone’s dream, but it requires effort so that it works smoothly.

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