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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade Jewelry

There has been a rise in the craft of handmade jewelry, as seen by the production of unique masterpieces made with the love and commitment of artisans and jewelers lately. However, not many people realize the difference between the handmade jewel pieces and those produced in masses but are only counterparts. Handmade jewel pieces are way better and less costly to make than mass-produced items. The basic difference is that handmade jewelry is created with love and passion, and time is invested in the whole process that requires skills and commitment.  Do you wish to know more about handmade Jewelry? If yes, read on to find out the 7 things you never knew about handmade jewelry.

Gold Jewelry

Gold has been used to create high quality jewelry such as earrings, gold rings, bracelets, and necklaces. If you are looking for amazing jewelry to send to your loved ones as gifts, you can get a good collection at wellington cash for gold.

No Machinery Involved

Handmade jewelry is made by hands, meaning no machinery is involved or needed, as in the case of mass-produced jewelry. The process involves soldering, sawing, carving, and shaping materials using simple tools to create unique ornaments. The use of machinery will result in hundreds of jewel pieces within hours, mostly made with precious minerals such as gold, silver, or diamond.  This is different when using hands, where a few well-crafted pieces are made in the same time frame. However, most jewel pieces produced using machinery are not as appealing as those made with hands. Although it takes time, an artisan will focus on one piece to ensure he creates something appealing that he can be proud of. This makes handmade jewelry more favorable than the one produced with machinery.

The Time Value

If you are an artisan working on a jewelry piece with your hands, you will need more time to produce a single piece. This time is divided into the hours you spend gathering the necessary tools and materials organizing them to ensure they are within reach before starting the actual craft. The time it will take you to make a ring is also not the time you need to make a bracelet. In short, the amount you spend is dependent on the type of jewel piece you are making. Another factor related to time is the type of client or friend you are designing the item for. You want your best friend, love partner, or your esteemed client to have the best piece of jewel, meaning you will spend more time than in other general jewelry projects.

The Process

As a jewelry artisan, you will develop a keen relationship with the pieces you are creating. The value of each jewel piece you are making will be greatly determined by the process through which you choose to design the piece. This means you have to indulge your mind and energy in every detail during the design process. For instance, you have to know the areas that need carving, shaping, resizing, or simple lines. These details make the handmade jewelry different from its mass-produced counterparts, where machines do everything.

The Materials Used

Stellar-quality materials are often used in producing handmade jewelry. This is a striking difference with the mass-produced counterparts, where machinery is used to blend different types of mostly dirty metals to produce the jewelry. The pieces produced using machinery are of low quality compared to the handmade pieces. In the latter case, an artisan ensures that every material underuse is of good quality to produce unique pieces for clients and friends. For this reason, a designer or a jewelry artisan will go for high-quality materials from reputable suppliers. In some cases, the materials can be blended to come up with even higher-quality alloys when you want to create ornaments with some cute added charms, such as beaded bracelets or necklaces.


The quality factor is somewhat related to the materials used to produce handmade jewelry. The process of creating a handmade piece of jewel requires the jeweler to keenly track all the steps from the start to the end. This results in higher quality jewel pieces instead of the mass counterparts produced using machinery. The sense of satisfaction and pride that a jeweler feels after creating a single piece is proof that the work is high-quality and appealing.


Jewelers will ensure their materials’ sustainable, ethical nature in jewelry making. This is especially the case with handmade jewelry, where the artisan is keen to ensure the process and the results are sustainable enough to meet the needs of their clients. The ethical nature of the jewelry-making process using hands can be costly for customers when deciding to use these items or opting for ready-made yet low-quality products. Most dealers in jewelry use low-quality materials and refine them to produce more items driven to make more profits. In contrast, the jewelry hand-making process involves using high-quality and sustainable materials sourced from reputable suppliers with a keen consideration of ethics.

Locally Produced with Love

While many people believe that locally produced items are of poor quality and unfashionable, the converse is true and less costly. You can cut extra costs by buying locally made jewelry products, rather than increasing environmental pollution and costs incurred traveling to buy jewelry products from dealers in the city. The same applies to purchasing these products from online stores, where you are hardly guaranteed quality or originality. You can reduce the possibility of being scammed online by buying handmade jewel products from your local store because they are made with love to ensure quality.


You have learned about the amazing facts about handmade jewellery that make it more preferable and more sustainable than its mass-produced counterparts. Most dealers in jewellery use low-quality materials and refine them to produce more items driven to make more profits. In contrast, the jewellery hand-making process involves using high-quality and sustainable materials sourced from reputable suppliers with a keen consideration of ethics. Cut down the expenses of traveling, the possibility of being scammed online, and buying low-quality jewel products by utilising your already locally available market of handmade but high-quality jewellery.

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