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How to decorate your dorm room

College is a wonderful time when you can enjoy your independence while majoring in something you would like to do in the future. However, living in a small dorm or sharing it with a couple of people can be difficult. Let’s see how you can decorate your dorm room to make your stay more comfortable.

Dorm room memories wall

If you can use one wall in your dorm room just for yourself, you might like the idea of decorating it with photos of your loved ones. In case you feel nostalgic, those photos will be a reminder of all those precious moments. As time goes by, you can add some newer ones, made during your studies and share them with your roommates. A wall-like this can be a source of anecdotes and laughter.

Add soft lighting

Dorm rooms are not famous for good lighting. You can remedy this by getting a lamp that can stick to your bedside and give you enough soft light when you’re reading or studying. Overhead lighting can be too harsh and it can give you a headache over time. If you can add some led lights it would be great too. Of course, you would have to get permission for that.

Get nice and comfortable bedding

Bedding is one of those things that can be both cozy and decorative, especially in a small dorm room that doesn’t have many options when it comes to decoration. Make sure your bed is always neat and your bedding new and elegant. It is always good to have a color that matches the rest of the room and lighter colors can make the place look more spacious.

Add your special corner

You probably have some hobby or something you’re a big fan of. If it’s basketball why not add a small basket where you can play for fun? Your roommates can participate if they want. If you like to play cards or any other social games, you can have a small desk with those games on it. If you like dressing up and doing your makeup, you can get a makeup table or recycle one you already have. There are many options and they depend on your interests.

Bring in nature to your dorm room

Adding some freshness to any room is always a good decision. Indoor plants are very good for your health. You probably won’t have time to take care of some demanding species, so choose sole plants that are low-maintenance. A little bit of watering and grooming from time to time won’t take much time and your dorm room will look more pleasant. In case you prefer something easier, there are dried decorative plants that can look great and imply zero maintenance, such as bouquets made of dried flowers.

Add nice curtains for better privacy

You can’t expect too much privacy if you live with one or two roommates, but you can still preserve some privacy from other people, like those who live in a building across the street. Make sure you have curtains that can give you an option to isolate yourself whenever you want to or to neutralise the excess of natural light on sunny days. Just like beddings, curtains are useful and decorative at the same time.

Add headboard for better comfort

We can all agree that cement walls that are so common in dorm rooms are not very comfortable. You can make your headboard if you have some upholstery skills. A nice headboard gives an elegant and luxurious look to an otherwise modest dorm room. Other than that, it’s very comfortable.

Add a rug for warmth and softness

When it comes to comfort, don’t forget the floor. Dorm rooms are pretty simple when it comes to that and rarely do they have a carpet or a rug. Cement floors or thin carpets can be very cold on the feet and a nice rug can solve that problem. A rug is more mobile and easier to wash. It can come in different sizes and colors and if it’s thick and fluffy you get the maximum comfort.

Get some furniture for hanging out

When your friends come over you will need some furniture to make them comfortable. Dorm rooms usually don’t have enough room for a sofa or armchair, so you have to come up with something more practical. They are decorative boxes that can serve as a stool as well or storage ottomans that have the same purpose.

Mini kitchen in your dorm room

Just like the lighting, you will have to see if you’re allowed to bring in devices like a microwave, kettle, and a mini-fridge. In case you can, this small corner will make your dorm room look homier and it will give you more options to follow a more healthy diet.

Now that you have read these tips on how to decorate your dorm room, you can start thinking about the best ones that could be applied to your dorm. You don’t need to do everything we mentioned, but start from one or two things and see how the changes affect the whole space.  

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