Seven cheap cars for students

Being a student usually means having to work a few jobs to afford the student lifestyle you wish to have. With university and college just a few months away, sitting without a car isn’t always the best start to the change-up in study environments. If you are in the market for something used, to get you from A to B, look for something that is reliable, safe and low on fuel. Another key tip is to find something that is small. You really don’t want to have to hassle for parking when you’re running late for class.

Try getting your hands on any of the following wheels to make your student life all the more exciting:

Renault Sandero

The Renault Sandero hatchback is one of the most popular student choices as it provides a very spacious interior which is perfect to lift your friends to and from class. This economical model was built with a turbocharged engine and good stability control to help inexperienced drivers feel safer on the roads. The standard spec level is excellent and some of the additional features include Bluetooth, multi-function steering wheel, USB and aux inputs, CD player and front electric windows. The fuel economy on this car is good, which is ideal for any student hoping to get through the month on a smaller budget.

Ford Figo

For your first car, the Ford Fiesta could sit just above your price range. So, the next best Ford option is the Figo. When it comes to smaller cars, this is a great car to help you through your student years. It’s low on fuel, leaving you with more money to explore your university surroundings with friends. These cars are spacious inside with standard features. Everything you need in a first car.

Volkswagen UP!

If you are able to kick up the budget a bit, the Volkswagen UP is a lovely student car. It is definitely more of a statement car and it is super funky and cute. This neat little German build is reliable, safe and fancier looking inside than the previous couple of cars. It’s small in size, meaning that it’s perfect for the city life. It’s easy to park and can zip through smaller roads with ease. However, if you are looking for something a little bigger, Volkswagen’s Polo Vivo Blueline range are always great options when looking at cheap second-hand cars for sale. This is one of South Africa’s most popular, great value for money, cars.

Chevrolet Spark

This showstopper has been topping the student charts for quite some time. This trendy car has a small design but is solidly built. The 1.2 engine comes with compact dimensions and a standard interior to keep you happy during your student years. It’s low on fuel and is great value for money.

Kia Picanto

This is one of those good-looking cars that is perfectly suited for your student days and beyond. With its modern interior, the Kia Picanto is ideal for your life on campus. It’s not the cheapest car but because it is seen as such a great investment, this car is filled with features that will give you many happy trips. Some of the goodies that come with the car are a sound system with USB and AUX ports, fog lamps and a trip computer. ABS anti-lock braking is standard on the 1.2 EX, as is an ESS (emergency stop signal) system. The emergency sensors will alert you when the driver brakes too hard, warning motorists behind you.

Honda Brio Hatch

This hatchback is simple but great on the road. It’s a smooth ride which adds to its overall look and feel. It offers all the necessary features that any student would love. The simplistic user-friendly dash means minimal distractions for new or inexperienced drivers. It is definitely worth test driving and checking out.

Hyundai i10

For the love of Hyundai. With the introduction of the i10, this humbly-priced car guarantees a lot of big-car specifications at a little car’s price. With Bluetooth, fog lights and more, this quality car is both practical and safe for young adults. You really can’t really go wrong with the Hyundai i10.

That’s a wrap!

Now that you are familiar with the different options, it’s important that you figure out the initial and ongoing costs of owning your own car. Be it new or used, make sure that you make the right decision to suit your budget. Although your campus encourages you to walk around, it’s inevitable that you’ll make use of your car. Along with petrol, you will need to keep your vehicle licensed, roadworthy and insured. Be sure to budget for all these expenses to avoid any unwanted costs down the line.

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