How to split bills with friends in South Africa

After skipping the starters and saying no to the chef’s special, the bill comes and without any hesitation, the person receiving the bill says, “Shall we just split the bill then?” Splitting bills simply tends to be awkward.

You’re not alone in feeling this awkwardness! Splitting a restaurant bill is one of South Africa’s most common frustrations known on Google. When it comes to restaurants and paying the bill at the end of a lovely night, many people feel the pain. This scenario can turn a lovely night into a night of horrific frustration. So how can you make it a bit easier?

What are people using overseas for splitting bills?

Let’s see what people are using to decrease the levels of their frustrations and have a guaranteed good night out.


This very easy to use application is strictly for iPhone users and is linked to a variety of the user’s’ bank account. While this does not sound very safe, Foodidevider prides itself on not only their efficiency, but their safety as well. Split your bill using Foodidivider via Paypal.


Is a free application for iPhone and Android users. This is an ideal app if you would do anything to avoid that increasing awkwardness at the end of a meal. This application makes splitting bills with friends fun and quick. The app also keeps an update of who owes you what and who pays what they owe.

Splitwise is used via Paypal which makes it safe and convenient as it is already linked to most accounts.


Snap and split! As easy as that. You don’t even have to type in anything on your phone. Simply scan the amount on the bill and drag which amount to whoever owes what. If you are not good at math or you would like to reassure the people at your table, this is the app for you. Cheap, quick and good for you!

What options are available to South Africans for splitting bills?


This doesn’t necessarily make the “splitting” easier but it simplifies your payment. No need to wait on the waitron to make your payment or no need to carry cash to ensure a quick way of paying.

Just Zap-away your payment.

Zapper is a convenient way of making a payment. The Zapper QR code gets added onto the bill and after that, you simply. Scan, Zap and go. This option should be rolling out at more and more restaurants in South Africa, most probably starting with coffee shops.

Both the restaurant and the consumer will be notified once a Zap has been made and in most cases, this nifty application allows the consumer to leave a tip for the service this way one person does not get stuck paying the whole amount of tip when everyone else has left.


Who needs a calculator and pen? Split bills with your friends in South Africa, simply, with Split/Bill. Yes, it safe. Yes it is easy to use and yes, it is possible. If you are an iPhone user, this is a fantastic option to consider. You are in control with this app and you can add and deduct as you go.


This is an award-winning application used all over South Africa to simplify paying anywhere and is ideal for splitting the bill with friends. This application is linked to your bank accounts and is an efficient way of paying using the QR code on the paper bill and the payment is done within seconds. The great thing about SnapScan, is it allows users to search for merchants around their area which makes picking the restaurant easier.

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