Moving into your first res room

With the new year kicking off many people are going to start university for the first time. With that, students move out of the house and into residences. But what do you pack when you’ve never stayed in a campus residence? And how do you keep everything organised? Here are some tips to help you out.

Take only the essentials

When moving into a new place it can be tempting to pack up everything with you from home. But res rooms aren’t that big, so if you take a huge amount of stuff you probably won’t be able to fit everything into that small space. So before heading out, make a list of things that you’ll actually need, this way you won’t end up with a room packed with stuff you don’t use.

Keep things organised

Once you have everything you need in your room, the next step is to keep it all organised. This can get difficult, especially when you’re busy studying and spending time with friends. But, keeping things organised is important if you want to be able to find the things you need. So why not invest in some plastic containers and boxes so that everything has its own place. Just remember to put everything back after you use it.

Pack reminders of home

If you’ve never been away from home, it can be easy to get homesick. To make the transition a little easier on yourself, pack some frames with pictures of your family. If you have some mementoes that remind you of your friends and high school days, bring them along as well. These will help to make your new room feel a lot more like home.

Get to know your roommate

Not everyone will get along with their roommate, that’s just how it is. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to know the person you’ll be sharing a room with for the rest of the year. Make some time to get to know your roomie, maybe go out for some coffee or plan a study session. This way you’ll get to know each other and you’ll be able to talk about important issues, such as how to keep the room clean, etc.

Moving away from home can be a challenging, you’re away from family and you have to learn how to take care of yourself. But it can also be a learning experience as it can teach you how to live on your own and how to make new friends.

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