Unique ways to make money while studying

Being a student and being broke 24/7 tends to go hand in hand. You’re not yet working fulltime so you have a limited or non-existent income. And that can be a huge problem because, well, you have expenses. There is a common misconception that all university students spend money on is partying and late night snacks, but there are text books, study guides and stationery that need to be bought.

So, what do you do when you’re a student and need money? You could get a part time job. However, in small university towns there is often a shortage of part time jobs with flexible working hours. There are quick fixes when you need cash though. Here are some unique ways to make a buck…

Be a sober driver

You may not be eligible for Business Vehicle Finance but if you have a car you could offer this incredibly valuable student service. Students drink and they party and they get lost and can’t find their way home. So, why not offer to drive your peers around for a small fee (one that covers petrol and labour).

Proofread essays

If you’re familiar with all the different styles of referencing and consider the Oxford Dictionary a close friend, then this is a service that could be the job for you. Not all students are great proofreaders and some struggle with academic writing. Proofreading essays is about checking and correcting what is already there and not writing the essay itself.

Do hair and makeup

If you’re brilliant at doing hair or makeup and are constantly asked to help your res mates out, why not do it for cash? Post a few ads around campus offering make-up and hair for formals and ceremonies (and the odd important party). All you have to do is offer this service for less than professionals and you’ll be busy earning cash in no time.

Create your own study guides

If you’re interested in going for this option, you’re going to have to offer more than Sparknotes can. You’ll have to be a meticulous not taker in every course and ace every tutorial, test and exam. This is not a case of “those who can’t do teach”.

Stock up on snacks

Late night study sessions are always better with snacks. Going home after a big night out is always better when you have snacks. In fact, everything is better with snacks. So, why not buy a whole lot of snacks in bulk and offer to sell them after hours?

While these “jobs” are generally done under the radar, it is always a good idea to double check that you’re not violating any university policies.

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