Cadbury Easter Competition

HOW DO YOU ENJOY YOUR CADBURY EASTER EGGS? Mzansi has an abundance of diverse cultures and traditions, many of which are reflected in how people enjoy their food. As Easter approaches, the age-old question once

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How to Choose a Right Career Path as a Student

Finding one’s way in life can be difficult for all students. It’s not just about deciding on a career; it’s also about finding a way to live authentically and confidently in a world that may

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Why Student Money Worries are Concerning

Going to university is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit of a shock to the system regarding managing your finances. Many students worry about money during their time at university. It’s

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10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Students

Student life can be pretty overwhelming and maintaining a balance between studies, social life and various other activities becomes quite challenging. Many tasks are assigned to students that they may not be able to perform