How to avoid dropping out of university

Getting into university is a huge accomplishment for many young people. However, a couple of months after enrollment you’ll find that many students tend to drop out. This can be for a variety of reasons, from having financial instability to failing to pass. So here are a couple of ways that you can look into to help you from dropping out.

Make a financial plan

For many students in South Africa, one of the main problems with attending university is being able to afford it. While there are avenues, such as NSFAS, private loans, and scholarships, these can often fill up quickly and sometimes they won’t cover every aspect of your learning experience, such as accommodation and food. So if you’re looking to apply for some financial assistance, be sure to apply early and to familiarise yourself with what they are willing to cover.

Ask for help from your lecturer or tutor

One of the other reasons that students tend to drop out is because they are struggling to pass their courses. When you feel that the pressure is building and that your marks are dropping, go ask for some help from your lecturer or tutor. Tell them what you are struggling with, that way they will be able to offer you some assistance and help you understand what you’re getting wrong.

Speak to your family

If your parents struggled to get you to university, chances are that you don’t want to burden them with issues that you are facing. This is all the more reason to keep in touch with them, to tell them not only about your struggles but also your achievements. So set up a time that you call them every week – to tell all about your university experiences. The more in contact you are with your family the better you will feel about handling any challenges that university throws at you.

Plan your time wisely

Having just left home for university, you’re probably excited for your new found freedom. However, with this freedom comes the need to plan your time. If you want to get that degree, then you’ll have to consider saying no to going out all the time. Spending all your time with your friends and none of it studying could mean losing out on your degree. So be sure to designate time for your friends and for your studies.

Choosing the right degree

Sometimes students drop out because they feel they haven’t chosen the right degree. Instead of leaving it because you’re not enjoying your course, go speak to a career counselor at your university. Talk to them about your doubts and they will be able to help you. Chances are that you’re almost finished and they’ll tell you to stick with it or they’ll help you find a way for you to start with a new degree.

University can be a challenging place, but rather than dropping out you should look for help. Talk to your friends, family, and lecturer about how you are feeling and the challenges you are facing. You may then be able to push through these and finally get your degree.

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