5 ways to enjoy your first new car

Driving off the showroom floor in your new car feels amazing. It’s incredibly exciting to have a new set of wheels, even if it’s a second-hand buy it’s still the best feeling. You might have moved on from an old Volkswagen Citi Golf to a demo model Ford Figo but you’re bound to feel like you moved on from a Beetle to a Jaguar. No matter, you should completely embrace this feeling and really take the opportunity to show off your new buy before the novelty wears off. After all, nothing looks and feels as good as a brand new ride. Most people feel that a new car shows off their new financial status and, while you shouldn’t break the bank on your new set of wheels, you should definitely allow for a little celebration.

To commemorate the occasion, set some plans in action that will ensure you thoroughly enjoy your new car, even if you’re not a car person.

Road trip time

Get a hold of your best friends and start planning a road trip in your new car. Hit the open road and take the opportunity to push pedal to the metal. In South Africa, the fastest speed you may travel is 120kms per hour and this is certainly fast enough considering our roads are dangerous. But flooring it on the open road with your new cabbie will be such fun. Stay within the speed limit but take the opportunity to push your car a bit. Make sure you have all safety measures in place, double check when last the car had a service and ensure your tyres are looking good before you hit the road. Also, test your tyre changing skills so that you know what to do if you end up with a blowout.

Windows down, music up

Most modern cars have pretty robust sound systems. They won’t come with standard 6*9 speakers or a subwoofer in the back but they will have good sound, a CD player, a media input and sometimes even a USB port. This means you can literally party in the car. Start making some playlists with your favourite tracks. Have one for long drives, one to amp yourself up in the morning on the way to work, one for sing-a-longs and so on. This is how you can truly enjoy your new sound system. Your mother might moan about you waking up the neighbourhood when you go and visit but when you’re on the highway with your windows down and your favourite track blaring from your car, you’ll feel blissful.

Monthly valets

Sniff your new car. That amazing smell is called “new car smell” and it’s near impossible to replicate. Cars that aren’t new tend to smell like everything else topped with a fake smelling air freshener. Especially if you car has a material interior, smells and spills will stick. Also, don’t smoke in your car as this will leave an awful smell and it’s one you can’t get rid of, which means the resale value of your car will take a dip. Set some time and money aside to have your car valeted on a monthly basis. This will keep your car feeling and looking fresh and it will prolong the new car smell for a while too. High quality valets will also keep your car in good working condition and send it in for an engine clean every now and then as it will keep the car healthy.

Create a carpool

This is less about showing off your car and more about preserving it. However, whenever it’s your turn this will be like a mini roadtrip with your work besties. Carpooling is very popular nowadays as driving your car less means you save on fuel costs and money in the long run as car maintenance can really dry up your bank account.

Upgrading your car to a newer model is going to cost you money. You might as well make an effort to keep your car in good working order and enjoy your driving experience.This means that when you’re ready to sell you’ll get a fair asking price from the car book value calculator. Make sure to have it serviced after every 20 000kms and do your best to not be involved in an accidents. Some of the worst damage can come from silly mistakes like reversing too quickly and backing into a wall or lamp post.

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