Your holiday job as a babysitter

Gaining work experience during student holidays is an invaluable experience. An option to consider is looking after children, especially if you are studying to become a teacher. Babysitting isn’t the toughest job in the world – until the kiddies start to get fussy or antsy.

Encourage them to come up with solutions. Ask them what they would like to do. If they say they don’t know then you’re sitting with kids who need a bit of your own colourful imagination to tickle their socks off. Here are some fun ideas for games and crafts.

Play with the children

Don’t sit in front of the TV while they are playing, let out your inner child and join in on the fun. They will tell their parents about your engagement with them, and you will be likely be asked to come back again. Take them to the park where you can race around. Create games by making obstacle courses with the jungle gyms, swings and any other park apparatus.

Don’t become discouraged

Some kids take time to get used to a new face, especially if their parents aren’t around. If they don’t want to play or talk, then do something which will engage them in activity. Create a fun bag where you can place sweets, colouring pages, stickers, books, games and crafts. Once you have them warmed up to your gifts, you can ask again if they would like to have play time. They will then be more open to you. Keep in mind that your age gap will determine the kind of goodies that will be in your fun bag. Also, be sure to ask their parents if they are allowed to have certain treats.

Play fun age appropriate games

Don’t play any games that the kids don’t find entertaining. Forcing them to like something will only make them like you less. After all, you want the parents to want you to come back. Older children may enjoy board games or activities that are as energetic as the games that younger kids may like – you’ll have to figure out what they prefer. Be sure not to play games that are too rough, especially with the younger age group. They might not enjoy playing rough and somebody could get hurt.

Give them a chance to feel in charge

Kids gain confidence when they are given a task or responsibility. Allow the kids to make lunch by having them give you an already prepared snack, like fruit snacks and a juice box. Then let them decide the game you play next or what their snack is. A fun game all kids enjoy is the “Do not laugh game”. Sit them down and make funny faces; whoever laughs first is out of the game.

There are many entertaining games for kids to play, all you have to do is find the perfect ones that are right for your troop.

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