Jobs which are not as cool as you may think

Jobs – We all reach a crossroad in our life where we have to choose between career paths. Maybe you look to your older siblings and try to figure out if they have a cool job or not. You could also Google many career fields trying to establish if they would be the right fit for you. If there is one thing that we can tell you, it’s this, nothing is ever as it appears to be.

Travel Blogger

This would be the perfect life for any jetsetter; you get to travel the world and blog about it! The upside about this job is that no one can take the adventure away from you. To travel to different countries and experience an array of different cultures will make all your friends envious of you, but is it really as glamorous as it is made out to be?

The reality is there are only a few aspiring bloggers out there who are making good money and that is only to cover daily expenses. Earning money from blogging takes many years.

Event Planner

You may be good at planning and perfectly executing any event you set your mind to, but hosting one for a client is stressful. Various surveys have found that event planners have one of the most stressful jobs, preceded by fire fighters, airline pilots and military personnel. An event planner not only oversees weddings and birthday parties; it can get much bigger than that. They could also have to oversee major festivals or even election rallies.

Painstakingly minor details of every event have to be on point, while dealing with logistics and the needs of your client. The physical, mental and emotional stress of getting everything in order will cause a lot of strain. Running around, the stress of what may be lurking around the corner and hoping for the best is what makes this career exciting and yet also very nerve-wracking. To be an event planner you have to love talking to people. If this fast-paced career isn’t for you, why not use your gift for the gab and take a few call centre courses?

Flight Attendant

The depiction of flight attendants on television is always a glamorous affair. The jet-setting lifestyle of a flight attendant, earning big bucks and flying to various destinations could entice anyone to join in on the fun. But real life flight attendants are stressed and overworked; it’s no surprise when you find stories making rounds on the internet about flight attendants who just lose it due to rude, irate and demanding airline passengers.

Whatever your dream career path is, do the much needed research. You would hate to end up with a nightmare waiting to happen. If you have what it takes to weather whatever your dream job throws at you, then don’t let anything stand in your way.

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