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7 ways to study like a pro

Exams are here. And you’re probably freaking out a little (or a lot). Everything you’ve been through this year – all the tests, assignments and essays – has all been to prepare you for this. Whether or not you pass the year and how well you do depends on these exams. It’s a scary thing. So, obviously you need to prepare.

If you’re worried you’re not studying correctly or simply need some help, here are seven simple tips.

Find the right environment for you

Just because the library works for other people doesn’t mean it works for you. You may prefer a busier environment or a more comfortable place to read. Figure out what works for you before you waste precious time trying to concentrate in the wrong place.

Create a realistic schedule

People often get over eager with their study schedules in the beginning. They believe they can study nonstop for 12 hours, sleep, wake up and repeat. That’s just not realistic. Look at when your exams are and set up a study timetable that gives you time to breathe.

Set up discussions with classmates

It doesn’t need to be a hardcore three hour study session. You can simply get together and discuss the subject matter. You don’t even have to meet in person, you can always set up a skype or Facebook group.

Eat, sleep and exercise

You need to eat healthily, get a decent amount of sleep and exercise regularly in order to keep your mind in top form. It’s pretty easy to forget this when you’re trying to cram half a year’s worth of information into your head.

Take breaks

You can’t study every moment of every day. It’s just not good for you. Instead, you should take breaks that vary in length to allow you to relax. Try to use this time to sit outside or go for a walk rather than watch TV series or play games.

Understand the material rather than memorising it

There’s no point in simply regurgitating information. That’s not going to help you when you start using what you’ve learned in the real world.

Swap notes with a friend the day before

Find a friend who has made notes as well and swap them the day before your exam. They may have focussed on different points or explained things in a unique way that will help you. It’s a good idea to get a different perspective.

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